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10 Tips To Reduce Your Energy Bills This Winter

If you follow our 10 simple energy saving tips your monthly bill can go down considerably. So in January you could book a little holiday adventure.

With temperatures plummeting to sub-zero, saving money is our main concern at this time of the year.

Being organised and getting yourself a home maintenance plan could also save you £100's if your boiler or heating system goes on the blink, or you get a leak. Expensive emergency call out fees at peak times can be avoided if you spread the cost out and be smart. Take a look at our Care Club plans here.

Perhaps you could buy one less box of Celebrations? Or give up the shoes you've been looking at for the past month? Don't worry, the choices don't have to be impossible.

In fact, if you follow our simple energy saving tips your monthly bills could go down considerably. So, next winter, you could book a little holiday adventure with the savings or put it away for a rainy day.

Believe it or not, your hot water tank wants to be warm as well

Gift it a new insulation jacket to keep your water hot for longer.

Use energy efficient light bulbs

We know you've heard this one over and over but we only repeat it because it's true.

Have an engineer check your central heating before you turn it on max.

If you haven't used it for the last few months you might be up for a costly surprise. An engineer will be able to determine the correct and most cost-effective steps to dealing with a potential problem. Book one of our heating specialists today.

Keep an eye on your kettle.

Raise your hand, if you've ever put the kettle on and forgot about it, only to come back ten minutes later and repeat the exercise. Instead, only fill the kettle with the exact amount of water you need and find something to do nearby.

Add a few layers and lower the room temperature.

A warm jumper and some fluffy socks can make a considerable difference in the end of the month. As an added bonus- you'll feel so cosy!

Play a board game.

Have the whole family in the same room, add some light snacks- you'll save money on heating the whole house and create memories. A win-win situation!

Think about installing a new Smart Meter.

While it might now lower your bills, it will help you track your usage. You'll be able to make educated decisions about your energy consumption through the day, week and month.

Prepare all your weekly meals in advance

You'll end up using energy a lot more efficiently. Pro tip- open the doors, so the heat from the kitchen can circulate around your whole house.

Use lower temperature settings for your washing .

In fact, unless you're dealing with heavy stains, washing up at 30 degrees is absolutely fine. Make sure to fully load the washing machine as well.

Turn off the stand-by energy vampires .

Some appliances feast on your energy night and day. Make sure to switch off your plug sockets- led lights for example consume a notorious amount of electricity.

It is astonishing how much we can save up by just embracing a few simple changes. The best part- not only will these tips help reduce the energy bills, but they'll also make the world a little bit greener!

What are your best tips for keeping your energy bills down?

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