Get your Home Winter ready in 8 steps

Preparing your home for winter is a task no one is looking forward to, but with these 8 easy step's it'll be no hassle at all!

Log Cabin in Winter with Blubs on The outside and Icicles

Although we've enjoyed a relatively mild December, without any snow, winter is still sure to strike when we least expect it.

Preparing the house for the dropping temperatures is a task no one is looking forward to, especially around the school holidays. Having a few days off and the crisp, refreshing weather is the perfect time to initiate last-minute winter preparations. Plus, a bit of household work will burn off all the festive calories!

Make sure to do the winter preparations as soon as possible, or you risk Jack Frost paying a visit and he can really make things complicated (and expensive!) especially with emergency callout bills, which can break the bank, especially in January when everyone has the same problems!

With just a bit of work your home will be winter-proof in no time and you can be ahead of the game.

Insulate the pipes.

Perhaps one of the most important tasks to complete before the thermometer goes below zero. It's not a difficult job to do yourself, or with the help of a trusted specialist. There are several options that can be used, when insulating your pipes; heat tape, pipe sleeves or heat cables, the choice is yours. Do your research for what is best for your system.

Clear the drains and the gutters.

Autumn is officially over and if you haven't cleaned the fallen leaves, now is the time. Discard of all the leaves and mulch blocking your gutters and if you really want to be on the safe side; invest in some gutter guards to prevent further clogging. This can prevent leaks and overflowing gutters when the rain falls or the snow melts.

Shut off your garden tap

Any taps/faucets located on the outside should have their shut off valves turned off. Remember to drain any remaining water out of the pipe, or it can freeze and crack. To finish with the garden work, disconnect any hoses from the faucets as well. The garden is now winter-ready! You can also cover them in insulating bubble wrap too as an extra precaution if you need to use the tap regularly and don't want it jammed closed with ice.

Avoid unwanted guests

No, we don't mean the door-to-door salesmen (although we'd like some advice on how to do that ourselves! ). When the days start getting colder, your home becomes a beacon of warmth and light for creepy crawlies and small animals. To make sure the offenders stay outside, carefully check for gaps and cracks. Focus on the areas around pipes, windows and door frames. Fill any small gaps and put a mesh over bigger ones, to prevent small animals from sneaking in.

Don't forget to service your appliances.

Think of it as an MOT for your heating. Annual check-ups for your boiler and central heating system will prevent more expensive breakages later. Don't be fooled by your boiler just because it's been working properly for the last few years, it can still be preparing a naughty and expensive surprise for you at the most inconvenient times. Apparently a cold shower is good for you but let's at least have the choice in the matter!

Get Covered!

After Christmas is definitely NOT the time want to be paying for expensive last-minute callouts at peak winter. With the holiday season and rising energy bills, the budgets are thinner during the cold months. A Care Club plan can help you spread the cost through the year. Our plans have all parts and labour, unlimited call-outs and no excess included with every plan! Take a look at our options here for cover, there's something for every home and budget

Don't let the cold in.

Check around the window frames, around and under the doors and around the letterbox for draughts. Sealing them as soon as possible will save you money and help you keep warm. If you want to really win the game against draughts make sure to keep your curtains closed during the night. Don't ever block ventilation vents or airbricks though, those keep damp and mould at bay.

Bleed your radiators.

If the heat is unevenly spread throughout the radiator and the top stays cold, it's time to bleed it. It's not as complicated as it sounds but there is a professional way to do it and we already have a handy guide prepared for you here

Just by following these 8 simple steps you can make sure your home will be ready for the cold snap. Of course, the winter has its way of surprising us and emergencies can always happen, but this is why we're here

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