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9 Expert Tips to Keep Your Home Safe at Christmas

From burglaries, to fires, we’ve put together a guide on how to keep your home safe at Christmas. Enjoy the festive period without the worry.

As the holiday season approaches, the Christmas spirit comes to life across the country through trees, fairy lights, and baubles. While this is a priority for many, amidst the festivity, it's crucial to be aware of potential hazards that could dampen the celebrations.

In our expert guide, we'll explore nine common Christmas incidents and provide you with insightful tips to help you avoid any festive faux pas, keeping your home merry and bright by avoiding preventable accidents.

1. Twinkling Lights to Electrical Fires

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The warm glow of Christmas lights can transform your home into a festive wonderland! However, to keep your home safe, it's a great idea when hanging your lights to inspect for any signs of wear and tear. Not only will it prevent damage to your home, but it can also keep loved ones safe. More than one in 40 people suffered an electric shock due to badly wired Christmas lights.

Avoid overloading power outlets and invest in surge protectors to safeguard against electrical mishaps. Always switch off and unplug decorations before calling it a night or heading out for holiday activities.

2. Winter Damage Dampening the Mood

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With the darker nights rolling in, and the chillier months upon us, winter weather can be unforgiving. Ensure your festive cheer isn't dampened by keeping your home safe from winter damage. Checking for leaks in your roof, windows, and doors, and addressing them promptly to prevent water damage can relieve you of unwanted stress and cost.

If you're planning on a trip away this Christmas, keep your home safe from burst water pipes by setting a timer to ensure your heating stays intact! As little as an hour or so daily can prevent unwanted Christmas incidents while you're enjoying time away from home!

3. Decoration Danger

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Stockings hanging by the open fire - something which is traditional in many houses at Christmas time. However, while decorating for the season, make sure to keep in mind which decorations you're placing near fire-prone areas like the fireplace.

Keep garlands, Christmas cards, and any other festive decorations away from any heat sources, ensuring your safety and holiday setup are harmonious.

4. Festive Glow of Outdoor Lights

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While making your home look festive from the outside is always a lovely Christmas touch, you can elevate the security and safety of your home by ensuring you've invested in lights designed to withstand the elements. Keeping your home safe by buying lights specifically for outdoor use not only adds a layer of protection - it also contributes to a welcoming atmosphere for guests!

5. Jingle Bells and Smoke Alarms

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While many of us enjoy hearing carol singers and Christmas songs, another sound you should ensure you hear throughout the festive period is your smoke alarm (hopefully not because your delicious Christmas dinner is burning!).

Embrace peace of mind by regularly testing smoke alarms in your house, and ensuring everyone in your house is familiar with where they should exit in the event of a fire. These small yet impactful measures can make all the difference in the event of an emergency and keep your home safe, as well as your loved ones (and turkey!).

6. Gas Leaks - The Gift No One Wants

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Keeping your home safe often extends beyond the visible. Installing a carbon monoxide detector can be a lifesaver. If you suspect a gas leak, swift action is imperative. Ahead of the Christmas period, you can ensure the safety of your home and appliances by getting services carried out by gas-safe certified engineers. By doing so, you are not only preventing accidents at home caused by gas appliances but will be keeping everyone safe.

7. Slips, Trips, and Falls

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The hustle and bustle of the season can sometimes lead to overlooked hazards. To prevent slips and falls, consider keeping pathways well-lit and clear of any obstacles. Placing slip-resistant mats at entrances will enhance safety and help avoid slippery floors when coming in from bad weather. When hanging any Christmas decorations using a ladder, ensure you've got someone with you to hold the ladders steady.

8. Watering your Christmas Tree

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If you choose to adorn your home with a real Christmas tree, ensure you're smelling only fresh fir and pine, and not smoke. While a classic fern is the perfect way to bring the festivities inside, you can keep your home safe by stopping it from becoming a fire hazard. Christmas tree fires cause serious damage to homes and lives every year.

Prevent your Christmas tree from drying out by ensuring your tree is watered daily, by purchasing a tree stand which allows the trunk to sit in a pool of water, as you would a bunch of flowers. Ensure your Christmas lights are unplugged when watering and enjoy the fresh scents and festive aesthetic of a real tree while keeping your home safe.

9. Burglaries - Keeping Unwanted Visitors Away

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Christmas is a fruitful time of year for burglars, unfortunately - with longer nights, expensive gifts, and many people away from home visiting friends and family.

There are a few ways to keep your home safe and sound from unwanted burglars. Firstly, you can set indoor lights on timers, so it appears someone is home. Avoid posting on social media when you're away for any length of time, as this publicises when your home will be empty.

You can also ensure the safety of your house is up to scratch, checking and replacing faulty locks is a good start, and making sure any burglar alarms are working.

We hope our guide has provided you with useful tips on how to keep your home safe over Christmas. By incorporating these nine safety measures into your holiday preparations, you're giving yourself the best chance at a safe and happy Christmas.

For help and support with boilers, heating, electrics, or locks, get in touch with our experts today who will be happy to help you keep your home safe all year round. Wishing you a very safe and Happy Christmas!


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