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10 little-known energy saving secrets

Energy saving secrets and tips, which are little-known but will help you save money on your electricity bill and be more eco-friendly.

Saving energy is not only great for the household bills, but it benefits the environment as well. When we dedicate to cutting down on our energy usage, we consume less natural resources and reduce pollution at the same time!

Of course, we all know the major rules; choose energy saving lightbulbs, switch off plugs and don't leave the lights on. But there are some little known tips and tricks, that can help you be even more energy efficient and even save a penny or two.

Just a quick reminder that electrical breakdowns can cause havoc in the household, and cost a small fortune to repair. Include the added cost of having to pay for laundrette, eating out, perhaps even use alternative methods to heat up and the final bill seems endless. Avoid additional stress and expensive repairs by signing up for one of our Care Club plans, with no excess and Electrics included from £14.50.

Defrost your freezer food in the fridge.

Yes, that's correct. If you know you're using freezer food for dinner or lunch the next day, just put it in the fridge for half a day. The frozen food will actually keep the fridge colder, so less energy will be used to sustain the temperature inside.

Put lids on pots and pans.

Most of them come with a lid that just gets tossed and forgotten in the cupboard. But if you remember to put the lid on, this will help the food cook faster and use less energy.

Avoid estimated bills at all costs.

When was the last time you submitted a meter reading? You need to do it every month, about 5 days before your bill is due. This will ensure your bills are as accurate as possible. It'll also give you a clear idea of your energy consumption, so you can make adjustments accordingly.

Let your hair dry naturally.

Wash your hair just after work, or before bed. Towel dry it, and leave the rest to nature - it's better for your hair as well. You can also try rag-curls or bendy rollers too, give them a look up on your search engine for step by step instructions. If you absolutely must dry it then wait until it's 80% dry then blow dry the rest.

Keep your freezer full.

As if we needed an excuse to buy more food. The reason behind this is simple: frozen food won't warm up when you open the door. If there's empty space, this will fill up with warm air every time you open the door and the freezer will have to use more energy to cool it down.

Install an energy saving condensing boiler.

If it's time to change your boiler go for a mega-efficiency one! The new generation of boilers recycle the heat in the waste exhaust gases, which makes the boiler more efficient.

Buy rugs.

If your floors are not carpeted, make sure to bring out the rugs in the winter. Most people feel colder if their feet are cold, which of course results in cranking the thermostat up. Some fluffy socks, slippers and a nice rug can make all the difference.

Decorate in pale colours.

Lighter colours reflect better, which will allow you to invest in lower wattage bulbs, without losing any of the illumination.

Motion detector light.

These can be a pain sometimes, but they're a great solution for your basement, loft, and any space that is not used daily. Besides, you'll never have to worry about leaving the lights on again.

Heavy curtains.

They look gorgeous and will help you keep the heat in and the cold out. Or the opposite in the summer.

Saving energy can be as easy as changing a few daily habits, or adopting a couple of new ones. Being more energy efficient will make your home more comfortable, and save you some money too!


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