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Why do I need my boiler serviced annually?

Servicing your boiler annually is a great way to prolong it's life, avoid expensive repairs and prevent bigger problems later on.

Spring and summer are the perfect time for a boiler service. You won't need your boiler as much when the weather warms up, Gas Engineers have better availability and prices drop down.

With the temperatures rising, here at Rightio we've been getting a lot of questions about boiler service and specifically - why do you need it?

Well, servicing your boiler is actually more important than you might think, here are 5 reasons why!

You'll save money.

If you think servicing your boiler is expensive, just wait 'till you see the bill for a boiler repair. Plan your boiler service ahead to keep your boiler in good health! Plus, an efficient boiler means lower energy bills. Double win!

Be together for longer.

Regular boiler service will prolong the life of your boiler. Your boiler can't tell you if it's feeling a bit down, but a Gas Safe Engineer will detect any problems early on. You can then work through it, and enjoy a longer time together.

Prevent CO2 poisoning.

The third reason to have an annual boiler service is extremely important! Don't underestimate the dangers of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Broken and damaged gas appliances can lead to a fatal end. A Gas Safe engineer servicing your boiler will make sure it's safe to use.

Save your warranty.

Did you purchase a boiler with a 10 year warranty? It sure sounds good, but have you read the small script? Most boiler warranties and guarantees require the boiler to receive an annual service. Miss one, and your warranty may be voided.

It's the law for landlords!

Finally, are you a landlord? If you are, then it's a legal requirement to have the boilers in your commercial and rented properties serviced annually. Once the boiler is serviced you'll receive a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate. Remember, this certificate is only valid for 12 months, from the date it was issued, so if you had one done about this time last year, it's time to renew!

Now that you know why servicing your boiler annually is so important, why not head to Rightio's website and book a service ?

Now that you know why servicing your boiler annually is so important, why not head to Rightio's website and book a service?

All our Gas Safe Engineers have more than 5 years experience, and are local to you!


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