Get your house ready for the summer in 10 easy steps.

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and unexplainable joy has spread across the country. It is finally summer. We never know how long it will last but even a week-long heatwave can be exhausting, if we’re not properly prepared.

This summer we wanted to make sure your home is ready to face the warmer temperatures (and potential thunderstorms) without fear or something breaking in the last moment.

Here are 10 tips on improving your home just in time for the summer.

  1. Remove winter from your home

Time to swap the cosy rugs, candles and heavy curtains for light fabrics, bright colours and nature-inspired interior. Take the potted plants out on the balcony or the garden, open the windows wide and let the summer breeze fly through your home.

  1. Check for leaks.

The best advice is to do this inspection every time the seasons are about to change. Check for cracks around the window frame, door or the foundations of the house. Make sure your gutters are not broken and are clean of debris. Check the pipes for any winter damage, and if you have an attic or a basement check these for cracks and holes as well. Organise any repairs as soon as possible.

  1. Don’t miss the summer deals.

Summer is the best time to get your boiler serviced or your central heating system power-flushed for cheaper. With less demand, and more available engineers, prices are affordable and you can choose a convenient for yourself time. Looking for the best boiler service around? Just click here.

  1. Clear your exterior drains.

After a rainy June your exterior drains might be filled with gunk, sticks and leaves. Don’t wait till the last minute, if it looks like your external drains might need clearing get on it, or call us to book a qualified drainage engineer.

  1. Paint

Not only can you bring colour and brightness in your life, but paint will also protect wooden surfaces from becoming mouldy or rotting.

  1. Let no bug in.

Summer is the time to be active, and unfortunately bugs think so as well. Check for gaps around windows and doors and fill them in if necessary. Add mesh insect screens to doors and windows facing your garden, or a large body of water.

  1. Prepare the barbecue

If you haven’t used it yet, or left it under the rain in June, your barbecue will need a good clean and a safety check up before you try to fire it. To make your barbecue experience easier you can also have an outdoors tap installed, saving you the runs to the kitchen with your garden shoes on.

  1. Trim the greenery

Nature is coming back to life, and some ambitious shrubs and trees might be trying to invite themselves in your house. Make sure their branches are not touching or very close to the sides of your house or the roof, or they can cause damage, if a thunderstorm happens.

  1. Prepare the air con

Not many UK properties have air conditioner installed but if you have one now is the time to have it cleaned and replace the air filter. Give it a try run to see if it’s working properly, and get a professional on it if it isn’t.

  1. Clean the windows.

If you’re surprised how sunny it is outside when you go out of the house, it might be time to clean your windows. Nothing will bring the brightness and the good mood of the summer more than sparkling clean windows.