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How to spring-clean your gutters?

Learn how to spring-clean your gutters with our easy, step-by-step guide. You'll only need a stepladder, gloves, couple of buckets and soapy water.

With spring cleaning, home maintenance tasks and winter bills all piling up, it's easy to forget that your gutters also need special attention at this time of the year. But make sure to set a reminder and clean your gutters, or you risk serious roofing, wall and foundation issues in the following months.

A gutter system, which is functioning properly will drain water from the roof and away from the house, thus preventing water damage to your home. But if your gutters are blocked with debris, it can have the opposite effect and bring unwanted damp and leaks to your house.

When you plan on clearing your gutters, make sure to pick a clear day, and prepare:

  • A good stepladder
  • Trowel
  • Empty bucket
  • Soapy water bucket
  • Power hose or hand-held leaf blower
  • Pair of gloves
  • Old cloths

Follow these steps to easily clean your gutters:

Safety First

Ensure that you're wearing non-slippery, comfortable shoes, and that the ladder is positioned steadily on the ground. Ask a friend or a helpful neighbour to stand and hold the ladder to avoid any health and safety risks.

Get rid of debris

Use gloves and a trowel to clean any leaves, twigs and moss from the gutters. Start from the gutter outlet and work away. Collect the debris in the empty bucket.

Hose it down

When you've completed Step 2, use a pressure hose or the hand-held leaf blower to clear whatever is remaining. Clean alongside the length of the gutter, and don't forget the downpipe.

Clean the outside

Clean the outside of the gutters using soapy water and a cloth. If you're making effort to remove any dirt, be careful not to scratch the gutters.

One final pour of water

Pour water down the downpipe to clear any remaining dirt and obstructions.

If you clean your gutters in early spring you'll prevent clogging, gutter sagging, water damage and expensive repairs.

You can also consider investing in gutter guards, which will keep your gutter clear of debris. But even they are not a 100% proof, so you will need to check up on, and clean your gutters even after the installation.


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