8 ways to save water this summer

We've created a list of 8 simple ways everyone can do to make a difference and save water this summer, to help you reduce your water useage

Hosepipe Spraying Plants

With a second heatwave on the way... lots of you will have been contacted by your water suppliers about reducing your water usage over the hot summer months. We've come up with a list of simple things everyone can do to make a difference.

Check your pipes and taps for leaks

If you spot a leak, get it fixed straight away and pop a bowl underneath to catch the water and empty it regularly back into the sink until it's fixed. A dripping tap can waste 15 litres of water a day, or 5,500 litres of water a year which can equate to. Make sure you give us a call if you have a leak: 0800 024 1419

Turn the tap off whilst you brush your teeth.

Simple changes make a huge difference when multiplied by all the households in the UK

Try and keep your showers under 5 minutes

Set yourself timer on your phone and be aware of how long you've been in the shower.

Get a cistern displacer

Get a cistern displacer for your toilet to cut the amount of water used when you flush the toilet.

Always use full loads in your dishwasher and washing machine.

Or use a bowl to wash up to save even more water.

Install a water meter.

When you're paying your utility provider for exactly how much water you use, laid out in an itemised bill, there's an incentive to waste less!

Use your outside tap to fill a watering can

Use your outside tap to fill a watering can instead of using a hosepipe (It can use as much as 1,000 litres of water an hour!). Mulching your plants (with bark chippings, heavy compost or straw) and watering in the early morning and late afternoon will reduce evaporation and also save water.

Get a water butt for your garden.

When the rain is plentiful it makes sense to save the rainwater for your garden for when the rain isn't so plentiful. It saves 1000s of litres per year.

If you find a water leak or need any help fitting an outside tap, water butt or a toilet cistern displacer then get in touch with our call centre and find a local friendly plumber to help you! View our plumbing services to find out more or call this number 0800 068 7245


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