Get the garden ready for BBQ season in 6 easy steps

Prepare the garden for barbecue season following our easiy guide to installing an outdoor barbecue space and creating the perfect alfreso atmosphere.

Hand with Tongs Turning Steaks and Sausages on Barbecue

Rising temperatures, longer days and bank holidays, it is quite clear - the time has come for alfresco season. The back garden becomes just an additional room to the house and patio doors are kept permanently open.

As BBQ parties, or just late dinners in the garden become the norm, there is not much time left to prepare your garden for the alfresco experience. Creating an outside kitchen space, with the BBQ being a centrepiece is the perfect way to optimise this additional living space.

Setting up an outside BBQ station ca be time-consuming but it is extremely rewarding in the end, and you're sure to wonder how you survived without one before. If you've set your mind on creating a BBQ station worthy of your neighbours' envy, it's time to start planning.

We've put together a quick guide to setting up the perfect outdoor kitchen space for unforgettable alfresco dinners:

It's all about location

The first thing you need to star considering is where exactly are you going to position your barbecue station. Of course you don't want it to be in the way but in the same time the person who is using it shouldn't be cut off from the party.

Are you planning an outdoor kitchen area or just a BBQ station? If the latter, it's probably best to have it close to the kitchen so you don't end up carrying food and dirty plates around.

Finally, think about the direction of the wind. If there is a way to disappoint your guests, it's by making them smell of marinade and oak ashes.

What about the flooring.

You'll need some construction or at least DIY experience for this part. The area under your barbecue station has to be leveled and secure. Needless to say, avoid materials like wood, which can easily catch fire. Slippery flooring such as marble or tiles is also a no-go, since you're likely to be spill oily marinades in that area.

Buy the barbecue

There is so much choice on the market that it can be truly confusing. Choose a style that you like but don't forget to think ahead. Your BBQ station will be exposed to all sorts of weather conditions, so invest in sturdy materials, which won't fade with time.

Plan the working station.

Again, think about the purpose of your BBQ and how much of the work you want to do in the kitchen or outside. If you prefer to keep to one spot then building a dedicated kitchen area around your BBQ station is worth the investment.

Consider the number of guests you'd like to invite - you'd probably need bigger counter tops for larger parties. Include some cupboards to store cutlery and spices. If you really want to go the extra mile add an outdoor sink as well - no more dripping dirty plates and clogging the kitchen sink with pasta salad leftovers.

If you're interested in installing an outdoor sink, you'd need a plumber. That's where Rightio can help. You can book an experienced professional today.

Light it up at night

Summer nights, beautiful, full of aromas and warmth. After an alfresco dinner you can't simply move back inside. When the darkness starts to spread slowly it's time to light up the garden. Install outdoor lights and continue enjoying drinks till late at night. Why not even have a midnight barbecue snack?

If you're thinking of installing permanent garden lights you can book one of Rightio's professional electricians.

When everybody goes home...

All good things inevitably have to come to an end, and this is especially true for BBQ parties. When everyone has disappeared into the warm night, it's time to clean your barbecue and protect it until you need it again. Weather-resistant barbecue covers exist, and are not even that expensive.

Psst... yes, you can do this in the morning as well.

Once your summer barbecue station's been created it's time to make some memories. Don't hesitate to invite some friends over and share the joy.


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