What happens during your annual boiler service?

Want to book a boiler service but not sure if you're getting your money's worth? Learn what happens during your annual gas boiler service.

Engineer Placing Boiler in Kitchen Cupboard

Boiler service can often be forgotten of brushed off, as something that is recommended but not important. After all, if there isn't a visible problem, surely your boiler could go without one, and you could save yourself the money for a service.

That's where you would be wrong. An annual boiler service not only ensures the efficiency and health of your boiler, but could also save you money on costly repairs later.

Want to know you're getting your money's worth? Here is what a boiler service consists of:

  • A Gas Engineer will start with checking your boiler and controls, and ensure they're in a proper working order.
  • The engineer will also check for leaks, damages and corrosion, which can result in expensive issues if left unnoticed.
  • They will remove the boiler case and carefully inspect the main system, and the working parts.
  • A gas pressure check will be conducted as well.
  • Next is the flue test, to ensure no dangerous CO2 emissions are leaking into the household.
  • Then the Gas Engineer will clean all parts if they are in need of cleaning.
  • Finally, your boiler will be sealed and made ready for work. The Gas Engineer will leave a report behind, so you can see what has been done during the service, and might advise you on additional steps to keep your boiler healthy.

Although a boiler service requires a thorough check, an experienced Gas Safe engineer will be able to complete it within 30-60 minutes. The newer the boiler, the less time it is meant to take.

If your Gas Safe Engineer discovers a fault in the boiler, this will result in additional repair charges. Engineers carry a lot of generic parts in their vans, and more often than not they'll be able to repair the fault in the same day.

In some cases however, the fault might be more serious and the Engineer will need to source parts and return another day. Although this will most certainly add to your bill, refusing to fix issues can damage your boiler beyond repair, and poses a health risk as well.

Once the Gas Engineer has ensured your boiler is in proper working order they will fill the logbook at the back of your boiler instruction manual, then your gas safety certificate.

And that's it! Your boiler is as good as new.

If you haven't booked your annual service yet, what are you waiting for? Rightio employs Gas Safe Engineers with more than 5 years experience, which are local to you. Book one now!


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