Boiler Service FAQs

Do you need a boiler service every year? How much is a boiler service? Rightio answers all the boiler service FAQs in the latest blog.

Engineer Checking Boiler with Boiler Controls

As the summer approaches and COVID-19 lockdown restrictions are slowly being lifted, the time comes for boiler service season.

Having a boiler service is often forgotten or left until the last minute, but the truth is, a boiler service serves as a preventative measure when it comes to your boiler's health. Most boiler warranties will also be invalidated, if the boiler hasn't been serviced annually.

With all this in mind, our expert Rightio engineers have helped put together this Boiler Service FAQ guide, to answer the most popular boiler service questions.

Boiler Service FAQs

During a boiler service, a certified gas engineer will inspect all parts of your boiler, to ensure they are functioning properly and to their full capacity. This includes the heat exchanger, main burner, flues and ignition pins.

Once a year will be enough, unless you suspect a cause of concern. Summer is normally the best time to do that, as engineers have better availability and prices are generally lower.

Boiler service costs will vary from company to company, with big national providers generally charging more. What is important is to ensure that the price covers the commute/transport to your house and the engineers are Gas Safe registered and have a wealth of experience.

As long as there isn't anything fundamentally wrong with your boiler and no further work needs to be done, a typical boiler service will take anywhere between 20-50 mins. It will all depend on the make and age of your boiler, and you will receive a service report afterwards.

Your warranty might be void if you don't service your boiler annually but it is possible for a registered Gas Safe Engineer to backdate the service, provided that certain conditions are met and you boiler is healthy and working properly.

You should never service your boiler on your own. This is illegal and you can create a health and safety risk for yourself and your family.

If you need your boiler serviced this summer Rightio can help! Our boiler service is only £95 or free when you join Care Club.


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