Improve your Home in 9 Steps

Sometimes a change is neccesary. That's why we've prepared 9 fresh ideas to help you upgrade your home and mind set in the New Year.

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The New Year is always time for reflection, resolutions and making plans for the future. We often focus on the personal improvements and bringing change to our lives but upgrading our surroundings can be just as important.

The environment we live in can affect our mood, behaviour and motivation. We spend most of our time at home or at work, so it's crucial to make sure we make the most of it.

That's why we've prepared 9 fresh ideas to help you upgrade your home and mind set in the New Year.

Bring the light in, with new windows.

Natural light can have a big impact on your mood. Introducing bigger windows or even French Doors if the space allows can add a whole new feel to your home. Think about changing to thermal glass windows - the coating stops the warmth from escaping the room and your windows will never be too cold to touch.

Add new fixtures and decoration.

Adding a mood lamp, wall lights or a stylish lighting makeover for your home can make it look like a totally new place. LED lighting is also more cost-effective, and will help you save money on your energy bills over time. Click here to book one of our friendly and professional Electricians.

Create a relaxation spot.

A simple armchair, small table and a potted plant can give your home a little extra character. Pick a quiet corner in your bedroom, or away from the TV - no distractions needed.

Put your mind at rest with a Home Maintenance plan.

Unexpected problems can raise your stress-levels and cause unnecessary expense.

Avoid bringing extra pressure to your daily life by signing up for a Home Maintenance plan. This way you'll only be a call away from helpful engineers and trade professionals and you won't need to pause your life when a problem occurs. Check our Care Club Home Maintenance plans here


A wall, a room, a door. Bring a pop of extra colour to your life. It's surprising how much a simple burst of brightness can improve your mood and give a modern look to an old fixture. Of course, we recommend our signature teal blue!

Fix the leaking taps.

Perhaps not the most exciting improvement, but one which is often left behind and forgotten. A leaky tap can cost you a lot through the year and it's a drain on resources but it's such an easy problem to fix. Our fully qualified plumbers can help you in no time. Find more about their services here

Think about cleaning/repairing or replacing your gutters.

Let's be honest. No one ever wants to do this. But your gutters can become brittle after a few autumn and winter seasons and/or get blocked which can lead to roof damage, leaks: causing erosion to the walls and floor in your home. A stitch in time saves nine!

Get inspired with art.

Just a couple of framed paintings or prints can really uplift the feeling in your home or office space. Don't forget to colour-coordinate with your interior.

Invest in energy saving appliances through the year.

Make a long-term commitment to saving energy and reducing your environmental footprint. Next time an appliance breaks and is irreparable, replace it with an energy saving one. Soon enough you'll notice the difference in your gas and electricity bills.

Don't forget to recycle your old one too!

Every year In the UK, people spend nearly £30 billion on home improvements, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Don't forget to assess your home, before making plans for any major changes. Think about what you want to improve and what needs improvement. You might want to repaint the walls or install a new lightning fixture in your bedroom, while your shower has been leaking for the last few months. Prioritise and plan your developments wisely throughout the year.

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