Upgrade your garden this spring with our 10 fresh ideas.

Spring is on its way and it’s inevitable that you’d want to spend more time outside as the weather warms up. If you’re lucky enough to have your own garden now is just the right time to start thinking about refreshing and upgrading it.

Imagine all the barbecue parties, al-fresco dinners and quiet sunsets you can enjoy in your renovated garden. You don’t need to invest much money; some spare time and creativity are all you need.

If all you want is to have an Instagram-worthy garden, but have ran out ideas, we can help.

Read our list of fresh ideas, which will inspire your inner gardener/decorator.

  1. Start with the paths and edging.

    It’s always good to draw your ideas first. Once you have put your plan in place it’s time to start working. Clean your pathways and paving, then cover them with new gravel – the garden will instantly transform. Next, edge the flower beds with bricks, stones or any other suitable material.


  1. Take care of the fence.

    A pretty garden deserves a fresh new fence. Replace any rotting fence, or just give it a nice coat of paint. Go wild and choose a bright, playful colour instead of the usual grumpy browns.


  1. Plant smart.

    Want a nice, designer-looking garden but don’t have the money or time to invest in it? We have a few cheat tricks for you. Plant a line of pleached trees or evergreen shrubs, or choose a climbing plant to hide an ugly fence.


  1. Light(en) it up!

    Your garden is a great place to spend a sunny day, and could turn into a magical fairyland at night. It just needs the right lighting. Uplighting can produce great effect if you have big trees or statues in your garden. Downlighting can bring the attention to your special decorated corners. Don’t be afraid to experiment, although for safe and professional wiring you’ll need to book an electrician. Click here to book a Rightio electrician now.


  1. Add furniture.

    These days garden furniture can be found for relatively cheap, and you will be able to assemble it yourself. A table and few chairs will encourage you to spend more time outside and enjoy the fresh air. Add colourful pillows and a nice rug to create a relaxed atmosphere.


  1. Two words – potted plants.

    Just because it’s outdoors, it doesn’t mean that all your plants have to be planted in the ground. Bring your house plants out for the warm season, repaint the pots in fresh colours and put them in corners, or layer it up by adding shelves.


  1. Add a water feature.

    If you love your garden and have some money to spare, a water feature should be on your list. You can add a small pond, or a running fountain; the sound of water will calm you down and can block annoying street noise. Of course, if you’re adding a water feature you will need to consult a professional plumber. Click here to book one of Rightio’s experienced tradesmen.


  1. Invite the birds.

    Create a cute bird feeder, or make your own bird house following online tutorials. We found this great blog with 5 easy ways to make your own birdfeeder.


  1. Think about the maintenance.

    If you want a pretty garden you’ll have to water it and take care of it. Installing an outdoor garden tap can make your life so much easier. And while we’re at it, why not go a step further and create a DIY hose holder? Position it close to the outdoor tap, and you’ll save yourself the effort of carrying meters of hose around. If you want an outdoor garden tap installed, you can book one of Rightio’s plumbers by simply clicking here.


  1. It’s not all about the flowers.

    Granted, flowers are beautiful to look at, but you can be a bit more adventurous and plant your own vegetables or herbs. There’s nothing like adding your home-grown cherry tomatoes to a salad or enjoying homemade pesto with basil from your garden.


Upgrading your garden can help unleash your inner creative. We’d love to hear any other ideas you might have about how to take your garden to the next level.