Prepare your home for the spring in 7 easy steps

Prepare your home for the spring in 7 easy steps by following our helpful and easy guide. You won't need any expensive tools or materials.

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Our homes are often neglected in the winter, as we try to save up money or simply lack motivation in the freezing temperatures. But once the snow starts melting and the first spring rains come, it's time to prepare your house for the new season.

Start with the exterior - have a walk around your house and note down everything that needs cleaning, repairing or improving. Proceed to the inside, examine your doors and windows, then check the walls. Once you have a clear idea of the parts that need immediate attention, it's time to start planning. Choose a warm, sunny weekend and get to work!

Keep in mind that winter could've caused some more serious damage to the house, such as blocked drains, or hidden leaks. When the weather starts warming up, these issues become more prominent and require urgent attention. With our Care Club plans you can rest assured your house is protected in case of unexpected breakages.

Ready to start preparing your house for the spring? Here is what you're looking for:

Open the windows.

Start simple by opening the windows and letting the fresh air and light in. This will help you get rid of any unpleasant or stale smells that might have built up over the winter. While you do this, don't forget to check the corners and frames for mould and mildew.

Reseal window edges.

The icy winter weather can cause the window sealant to break or even fall away. Make sure to reseal your windows with a quality polymer such as caulk, silicone or adhesive sealant tape. Great for avoiding unexpected leakages and damp walls.

Clean up your garden.

If you're lucky enough to have one you should make sure to maintain it. Pick up any fallen twigs and branches, clear leaves and debris. If needed, pressure wash the concrete or paved areas, and power wash brick walls and vertical surfaces. If you're really feeling motivated, invest some time in planting your favourite flowers.

Clean the gutters.

The last time you cleaned your gutters was probably in late October. Since then the winter storms could have caused damage to your gutters, or filled them up with leaves and gunk. Make sure to clear any blockages or the rainwater can overflow and cause more serious damage to the brickwork and external walls.

Catch up on maintenance.

Have you noticed cracked tiles or leaking taps? Maybe your walls need a fresh coat of paint? Stop putting it all off ad instead make a repair plan that you can stick to through the spring.

Seal off any gaps.

If you have any unsealed gaps, which could provide access to your basement or within the walls, you should seal them as soon as possible. Spring is the time when rodents, insects and small animals are looking for a new home, and we're sure these are not the sort of tenants you'd like to welcome in.

Repair roof damage.

If your roof sustained any damage through the winter, now is the best time to fix it before the spring rains start pouring down. If you notice moss or mould you'll probably need to treat your roof with chlorine bleach or copper sulphate. Remember to never diagnose and repair roofing problems before consulting with a specialist.

By taking these few precautions you'll ensure your home is ready for the spring and avoid potential problems.


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