How to turn your garden into a summer oasis?

Turn your garden into a summer oasis with the help of our nine easy steps. Help your garden survive the summer heat and save water.

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Summer - regardless of what they say, it's the most wonderful time of the year. Holidays, dining out, warm weather and blooming flowers.

But the wonderful weather, and the rising temperatures mean your garden will need some extra attention as well. From watering regularly, to the correct fertilising, your garden can turn into a real oasis this summer.

Follow our 9 simple steps to keep your garden fresh and lively through the hot summer months.

Use fertiliser.

Jealous of your neighbours' blooming garden, while your own plants don't seem to like the soil. They are probably using a fertiliser to provide the right nutrients for their plants.

Cut the hedges.

Make sure your hedges grow evenly by cutting them into shape several times a year. Early August is a perfect time to do that.

Keep an eye out for weeds.

Even the best gardens can suffer from weeds outbreak when the summer comes. Keep on top of your work and make sure you deter them from your garden.

Save water.

A perfect way to keep weeds away and save water is to mulch your flower beds with organic matter, which will help retain moisture. Water early or late in the day to make sure your plants are absorbing the maximum amount of water. But don't leave it for too late, you want them to have a few hours of sun left, or you risk getting mildew and mould. Before 10am and after 4pm are the perfect times.

Use the daylight efficiently.

Use the excess of daylight and good weather to work on your garden projects. Installing garden lights or an outdoor tap ? Renewing the porch? Setting up an outdoor kitchen? Summer is the perfect time to do it.

Keep your garden under the shade.

Plants don't always benefit from lots of sunlight, especially between the hours of 11am-4pm. Buy a tent or arrange some other cover (even an old bed sheet will do) to spread above especially vulnerable plants during the hottest days of the year.

Don't overheat.

Strategically use plants to lower the temperature in your garden. Plant them above a patio, or position your garden furniture underneath. For the extra touch you can also place a water feature, which will keep the air cooler and fresher.

Forget the garden hose.

Save water by switching your hose for a water sprinkler, mug or a bottle.

Leave the lawn a(lawn)e.

It is hard enough as it is to keep your summer garden hydrated, and lawns take too much time, effort and water to keep alive. Or do like this guy and just cheat your way to a bright green lawn.


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