How to Keep Your Drains from Clogging

Keep your drains from clogging and expensive repairs. With our easy guide you'll know how to prevent clogged drains and pipes.

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Staying at home has been the norm this year. As our life has been exclusively concentrated between the walls of the house, our habits have changed as well.

From more exercising at home and queues for the shower to more home cooking - we have been using our space to the maximum. But did you realise your drains might be taking the toll?

Your plumbing system might suffer some serious damage, if you don't know how to take care of your drains. Knowing how to prevent clogged drains or how to unclog and clear them in a safe manner will help you keep your pipes in top shape and avoid expensive bills.

How to Prevent Drain Clogging?

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The best way to prevent your drains from awkward and kind of gross masses of debris stuck in them is to be careful what you insert in them originally. Stuff that you should avoid includes:

Be careful what you throw in the sink

Food particles, coffee grounds and grease have no place down your kitchen drain, as they can stick to the pipe or build up on the bottom in sections when your system does not depend on gravity. Make sure to put liquid grease in a container and in the bin - yes even if it's the tiny amount from the frying pan.

Catch hairs in the bathroom

Invest in a hair drain catcher for your bathtub or shower, to catch soap and hairs. This slimy mess has no reason to go down the train, and trust us, we have seen plenty of blocked baths and showers due to simple reasons like hair. Act early and make sure to clear the drain after every shower. Even if you have short hair.

Brush your hair before showering

Another way to help your bath or shower drain is to give your hair a good detangling brush before you wash it. Not only will you reduce the amount of hair that goes down the drain but also you might need a bit less conditioner for your hair.

Only the three P should go down the loo

Paper, pee and poo should only go down the loo. No dental floss, feminine products, food leftovers and wet wipes. You might think it's not an issue at first but google "fatberg London" and think again. Treat your loo with the same respect you give to your shower and kitchen sink.

Flush your drains at least once a week

Fill your sink or tub with hot water and empty it into the drains. This can release built up grease and clear the walls of the pipes.

Use bio-drain cleaner

Harsh chemical drain cleaners can do more harm than good to your pipes. However you definitely need to use a drain cleaner once in a while. Look for non-corrosive options in your local store or even do it with some vinegar and baking soda!

How to Remove Clogs in Drains

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Even if it's a bit too late to prevent a clogged drain, you can still remove the cause of the problem, before it causes too much damage.

Check Your Drain Stopper

If you see that hair or grime is collecting, make sure to remove it before it stops serving its purpose. Remove, clean and assemble your drain stopper weekly.

Use a Plumbing Snake

If you notice your bath or shower or sink is draining slowly, it's time to put the plumbing snake in use. You can buy them from any home stores. Insert in the drain and scrape around the sides. The tip of the snake (also called auger) will catch grime as well. Take it out (we dare you doing it without being grossed out), clear and remove it.

Use a Plunger

For loo emergencies the plunger is your best friend. Cover the top of the hole, so the edges seal, then push and pull out. Whatever is stuck should make its way down the pipe.

Know how to make the most of your P-trap

The P-trap is that round curved pipe under your sink or bath. Upon closer inspection you should be able to see a way to unscrew it (don't forget to put a bucket underneath) and insert a plumbing snake to reach a deeper clog. It's also a good trick to keep in mind in case you drop something valuable down the drain.

Drain Maintenance

In the case your drains need a bit of "extra help", just give us a call.


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