Smart house repair hacks using only household objects

These nine smart house repair hacks will help you deal with common house problems by simply using some household ingredients.

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The need of house repairs always arises when we have the least time on our hands. And it can be stressing to deal clogged drains, nail holes and stubborn screws, when you have no experience as a technician or handyman.

Still, it doesn't mean that you should despair. Our 9 hacks will help you deal with some minor problems around the house, and brag to your friends on social media about the DIY master you've become.

However not all house problems can be handled with DIY knowledge. To make sure that you're protected from plumbing, drainage, boiler and heating breakdowns we created #CareClub. Take a look at our Care Club plans.

Here are 9 house repair hacks you can put in practice.

Cooking spray for doors.

If you have a squeaking door or cabinet you can easily get rid of the annoying sound just my using cooking spray. Spray some on the hinge and wait for the magic to happen.

Talcum powder for squeaky wooden floors.

And while we're dealing with noise complaints, let's spare a minute for your wooden floors. If they have become too noisy the solution can be hiding in your medicine cabinet. Just sprinkle talcum powder in the gaps and voila.

Baking soda for drains.

Unclog your drains by pouring a mixture of baking soda, vinegar and hot water down the drain. Don't do it too often though, as you might damage the pipes.

Dish soap for toilets.

If your toilet is clogged, you might not need to call a plumber just yet. Instead pour dish soap in the bowl and let it rest there for about half an hour. Then follow it with hot water and this should unclog the blockage. If not, Rightio plumbers are always available.

White vinegar for your shower.

If you notice your shower is losing pressure it might be due to a build-up on the shower head. To get rid of this just place a bag of white vinegar over the shower head and leave it to soak overnight. In the morning when you run the shower you should notice the pressure improving.

Wax crayons for holes.

If you've noticed a whole in a plaster wall wax crayons can provide a temporary solution before plastering the whole wall. Just scrub some crayon into the hole and smoothen it up by applying pressure.

Rubber bands for stripped screws.

Don't ruin your day with struggling to remove a stripped screw. Instead place a rubber band on top of the screw for extra grip.

Potatoes for broken lightbulbs.

If you ever had to replace a broken glass bulb you know it can be extremely difficult especially when trying to save your hands. But if you cut a potato in half you can use it to twist the sharp edges into its flesh. Then just turn it around until the bulb comes off.

Pencil for stuck locks.

No we're not talking about some thief-worthy hacks, just the simple use of graphite. If you rub the pencil around the inside of the keyhole the graphite will act as a lubricant, allowing your key to turn around.

Do you know any other useful home repair hacks! Make sure to share them in the comments.


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