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February home maintenance checklist to get your house ready for spring

Our handy February home maintenance checklist will ensure your house is ready for the heavy rains and strong winds that come with the spring season.

In the bleak midwinter the last thing you possibly want to do is create and complete a home maintenance checklist. It's exhausting, time-consuming, and not at all inspiring. But February is also the perfect time to prepare your house for the upcoming spring and freshen-up the space.

Your February home maintenance checklist will have to focus mainly on clearing dust, removing the potential snow damages, and planning for the spring rains. This means the focus will mostly be on plumbing and drainage maintenance.

February home maintenance checklist:

Have you heard of leak detectors?

Big basement floods don't always happen suddenly. Sometimes a permanent small leak can cause corrosion and mould growth. Why not try placing a leak detector under your washing machine, water heater or around the pipes in your basement? The device will detect water and an alarm will ring to alert you.


You'll be likely to use your bathroom a lot more in the warm months coming, so make sure your toilet, shower sink and baths are adequately sealed, and patch up any suspicious areas.

Check your roof

You don't need a heavy winter storm to damage your roof - large amounts of rain, and sub-zero temperatures will inevitably have impact. Without doing anything risky, which can endanger your health and safety, do a quick check of your room and look for visible damage and ice dams. Check for missing shingles and cracks in your roof and/or foundations.

Think of your gutters

The end of February is a good time to give your gutters a clean , and remove any debris that might have filled them over the winter. Remember that blocked gutters can cause water to run down your exterior walls and damage the foundations of the house.

Clean the dryer vents

We wash a lot of heavy clothes in the winter, and our dryers certainly take the toll. In February make sure to clean the hose pipe that connects the back of your dryer to outside vents. If you don't clear your dryer from lint, dust and debris, its efficiency will decrease eventually, and it can even lead to fires.

Don't forget the attic

The attic might be a spooky and unwelcoming place but it can benefit from your attention once in a while. Before the spring arrives, check the roof for leaks, mould or condensation. If you need to layer up to inspect your attic, that's a good sign. It means your rooms are well-insulated and the heat is not escaping through the roof.

Once you've finished your February home maintenance checklist, it's time to sit back and relax with a steaming cuppa. Why not start planning the summer renovations you want to do - the best time to book tradespeople to ensure they can fit you around the holidays is now.


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