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Meet Salma Choudhury, Our Logistics Coordinator

Find out what it's like to work at Rightio with our Logistics Coordinator; Salma Choudhury. Joining us in 2013, we speak to her about her role and more.

We took a quick tea break with Salma, our logistics co-ordinator to find out more about what she does here at Rightio and to find out a bit more about her outside of work.

How long have you been with Rightio, Salma

Since October 2013 - and hopefully many more years to come.

What would you say the main role in your job is, and what is a typical day in the office like for you?

"Making sure the planning/customer support /engineer support/commercial team and quotes department are on time and the engineers have plenty of work.

I also look after call statistics, productivity, agent status', revenues and reporting as well as HR activities such as illness, back to work interviews, holidays.

I contact other commercial managers regarding the jobs or issues/updates. I oversee the portals too and the CMS system.

If there are any targets, then making sure they are hit, care plan validations and incentives!"

"Wow Salma, you sound like a very busy lady!"

What do you love about working at Rightio?

"Different scenarios and resolutions of the customer's problems, as well as finding work for engineers. The environment is really good here, I get a lot of support from my managers and peers. I am always busy as it's so fast-paced and it makes the day go super-fast! I never get bored".

What makes Rightio your choice of place to work

"I felt that I really needed that different role and experience from previous roles I had done, I have progressed a lot since being here and they have helped me to grow into a really important part of the team. Rightio have pushed me to be the best I can be and helped with with my own personal progression in the workplace. I feel confident in my role here now and I love it."

Tell me a bit about yourself outside of work?

"I am a part-time wedding photographer, I love to keep up to date with social media, I love twitter & snapchat especially. I take part in exhibitions. I love spending time with my family, nieces, fiancee and love going to concerts, (the last one was Eminem), I recently attended the light festival. I also love wedding planning for my own big day coming soon!"

If you're sat in front of the TV what would you be watching:

"Love Island - but it's over now (sad face), I was official photographer for the Brit Asia awards too. I have met Jay Sean and Rishi Rish."

"Thanks for your time Salma"


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