Conor Crutchley, Developing in the Web of Rightio

Conor Curtchley, our in house Web Developer, wins the Rightio Employee of the Month for November. Find out what he thinks of working at Rightio and more!

Conor Crutchley Smiling in Front of Desk

The North wind swayed the last autumn leaves and November arrived with an icy twirl. It was time for James Cooke to surrender the crown of "Employee of the Month".

Rightio's new, and much-deserving winner is Conor Crutchley. He is our in-house Web Developer, who also supports the Marketing department. We have to thank him for setting up email campaigns, improving the internal sites for customer services and building this interactive house

Conor only joined the company in August but his hard-working and friendly nature soon captured the hearts of his colleagues. He tried to get involved with all the activities going on around the office, which undoubtedly made him one of the coolest cats on the block.

His claim to Rightio fame comes from changing the lyrics to "All I want for Christmas is You" so it has a Rightio theme. The popular song will be used for our annual Christmas video, which we'll make sure to post on Facebook and Twitter.

Conor admits that one of the biggest challenges was trying to get his head around the company's databases and how they all work. There's still a lot left to learn, but he's getting the hang of it.

Conor says: "I love working at Rightio because I can do things at my own pace, I never feel rushed to do anything so I know I can focus on what I am working on, and make sure it works as best as it possibly can. I also love the people, everybody is so friendly here and it's easy to have a conversation with anyone.

Like every superhero, Conor has some hidden powers. He's got a black belt in karate, and speaks Japanese. In fact, we weren't too surprised to find out he spent his prize on some Manga, and the original Godzilla on DVD.

Did you know that during the original screening of Godzilla, in the scene where the monster steps on a cinema, some members of the audience ran out of the building thinking they were going to get stepped on?

We didn't know either, but Conor is full of curious facts like this.

Being Employee of the Month comes with some serious responsibilities. Conor has had to give quotes, interviews and receive congratulations from everyone. He thinks that the Employee of the Month for December should not have it any easier, and dares them to buy the weirdest thing they can think of with their prize.

We can't wait until January to learn what that is!

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