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The Rightio Values to become Employee of the Month

For the colleagues who live and breathe the Rightio values. "Employee of the Month". The winner becomes the role model for the business.

For the colleagues who live and breathe the Rightio values.

It has been an eventful and productive year here at Rightio. We introduced some long-awaited improvements and worked together to raise the quality of our services.

Of course, we could not have done this without the help of our extremely dedicated team members who worked tirelessly around the clock. We realized we had to come up with a way of rewarding the effort, commitment and enthusiasm demonstrated on a daily basis.

This is how our "Employee of the Month" award came to life. It helps us promote our core values:

  1. Be the best that you can be.
  2. Take responsibility.
  3. Be professional.
  4. Be empathetic.

It is also an encouragement and reminder for everyone at Rightio to strive for perfection.

The nomination box is located in the Call Centre and everyone is welcome to vote. Every month a different core value is assigned and the nominations relate to how the employee embodied that value.

It is true that, as any new thing, this award was met with a bit of distance and lack of interest. At first we really had to encourage everyone to vote, we had to explain the importance of "Employee of the Month". But once we went past the initial reservations and skepticism, we saw a real peak of interest and had tons of nominations for the second month.

It is important to point out that "Employee of the Month" is not just an award, but a title, and as such it comes with a string of responsibilities. The winner becomes the role model for the business- it is their responsibility to act as an example to everyone, and demonstrate the behaviour, which is needed to win the award.

Our first "Employee of the Month" was James Cooke, who won the October award.

James joined the Rightio family in October 2017 when he started as an Acquisitions agent. He had no previous experience working in a call centre or in an office environment. This didn't stop him from taking initiative and fully dedicating to his job.

James' efforts did not remain unnoticed and he was recently promoted to a Sales Team Leader, after completing a brilliant interview and a years' worth of hard work. And to make his first year's anniversary even more memorable, he won the "Employee of the Month" award as well. Well done James!

He says: "I feel privileged I was nominated employee of the month, I live the company values and always put 110% into everything I do at work. I strive for success and love to motivate others to reach their own goals."

After such a great start, the bar is definitely set up high for the next winner.

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