Meet Leon McCormack, our June employee of the month.

Our Employee of the Month award for June went to Logistics Team Leader Leon McCormack who has been putting extra efffort in...

Leon Mccormack Pointing to His Employee of The Month Certificate

Another month has passed and in the midst of the summer heat the time has come to meet our newest Employee of the Month, Leon McCormack.

Leon certainly did not expect to win the Employee of the Month award, in fact he was on the phone when it was announced.

"It was amazing though, absolutely amazing. Definitely did not expect it to happen."

In the last month Leon has been coming early to work, talking to a lot of people and always trying to help and be there for his teammates. Although he heard from quite a few of them that they wanted to nominate him, he didn't really believe it will happen.

Leon has been working at Rightio for the last 4 years. He started as an Acquisitions agent, then became a Trainer. He had his big chance when he had to cover for two team leaders while they were on holiday. Whatever magic he did, the Acquisitions department ended up having amazing two weeks, with some record booking and sales, and so he was offered a permanent role as a Team Leader. About a year and a half after that he moved to Logistics, to satisfy his craving for new challenges.

Leon will tell you working at Logistics is fast-paced and challenging.

"We say it's like spinning plates. There are lots of different things going on at one time. It's just really fast. And there is a lot of pressure and challenges. But when you do it right it can be rewarding as well."

Leon thinks that the best way to learn in Logistics is to be thrown in the deep. While he agrees more training is always beneficial, he is adamant nothing can prepare you how to handle the pressure of queueing calls, you just see if you can make it. It's not a job many people can do, but the ones that stay are brilliant.

What Leon loves about his job is the fact he's allowed to be himself. With his energetic nature and as someone who always needs a new challenge, Leon has found that working at Rightio ticks all the boxes.

"It's just a mix between having the confidence and knowing I'm good at my job, and the constant challenges I have to face, which help me prove this to myself again and again. It's inspiring."

Leon's happiest moments at Rightio are when Christmas is just around the corner. He loves the Rightio Christmas party, and the staff Christmas song. And if you dig deeper there is a reason for that - Leon used to be part of a band, which even had a deal signed with Warner Bros before their label died out.

This doesn't mean Leon's left singing completely, in fact he's got a mini studio in his house and he's planning to invest his £50 Amazon voucher in a new 3D pop shield. Or if that doesn't work, just some news sandals for his holiday. Pretty similar, right?


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