Smart energy saving devices to help you battle the energy vampires in your home

Smart energy saving devices will help you battle the annoying energy vampires at your home. Never forget the lights or the heating on again.

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Smart energy saving devices are a recent addition to the UK market but they should certainly rise in popularity.

Investing in an energy saving device is bound to pay off, as they'll help you lower your bills in the long term, and battle annoying energy vampire devices.

Smart energy saving devices don't need a special engineer to be installed. Your regular electrician will be able to fit them for you, and the best thing - they don't normally take too long to install. If you're planning to have a smart energy saving device installed in your home, Rightio's electricians can help.

What are the best energy saving devices currently on the market?

1. Energy-efficient kettle.

Who loves tea more than us Brits? But it is certainly expensive to sustain the nation's tea habit, especially when most of us have the annoying habit of overfilling the kettle. The first thing we would advise you to try is try filling the kettle with just enough water for one mug of tea. But if you really want to make sure you're saving on costs, invest in smart energy efficient kettle. You can even turn it on from your smart phone!

2. Wireless thermostat

Smart thermostats can help you with maintaining the right temperature in your home, without heating it for too long, or heating empty rooms. Smart thermostats also learn from your heating habits and will adjust the heating accordingly. Thinking about installing a smart wireless thermostat? Our engineers can help.

3. Smart energy meter

Smart meters have been a bit controversial over the last few years with a lot of mixed reviews. The fact is, while they won't save you money, the in-home display will help you monitor your energy usage and take conscious decisions regarding your energy usage. To have a smart meter installed, get in touch with your energy provider.

4. Energy-saving plugs

Twenty-first century is truly amazing - you can now have smart plugs installed, and use your smartphone to switch your appliances on and off remotely - making sure you never forget the lights on.

5. Energy monitor

If you don't have a smart energy meter with an in-house display yet, the smart energy monitor might be a good solution for keeping your costs down. The device displays your electrical spend through the day, and your past month's energy usage. Try the Geo Minim Energy Monitor- it was awarded a Best Buy Award by Which?.

6. Smart lighting

Energy-saving bulbs have been around for at least a decade now, and as much as we love them, something better has come up. Nowadays you can invest in smart light bulbs, which can be controlled from your smartphone. They also promise to last up to 25 000 hours and use 85% less energy. If this sounds appealing, make sure to get in touch with our engineers here. This month, between 28 October 2019 - 10 November 2019, we'll be offering a 10% Halloween discount. Just ask for your discount during the call.

And a bonus tip: While it's not a smart device, an automatic radiator bleeder can ensure your heating system is always working efficiently by releasing the built-up air. And a healthy heating system, means less money spent on your energy bill. Get in touch with our heating engineers, if you'd like one installed.


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