Home security in the new decade: what to expect?

Home security in the new decade is bound to keep developing as homeowners will be looking into making their homes "smarter" and easier to control remotely.

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Home security has increasingly developed over the last ten years, and it looks like the trend is about to continue. Traditional locks and alarms, which require direct, physical contact are slowly but surely being replaced by smart devices, offering the option of remote control and supervision for the ever-vigilant homeowner.

The new decade is bound to bring changes beyond our imagination, but one thing is certain - locksmiths will have to up their game, and embrace continuous learning to remain engaged. Homeowners will be aiming to make their homes more and more connected, and this will eventually impact home security even on the most basic level.

These are home security changes our expert Rightio locksmiths predict in the 2020s:

1. Remote arming

We will definitely be seeing remote arming rise as a trend in home security in the new decade. The fully-connected systems use sound or motion sensors to detect a presence on the premises. The smart system can send notifications to emergency services via SMS, telephone or email, as well as alert the owner, if unexpected presence isdetected.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

While we like to use the word "smart" for our devices or connected homes, in reality not all of them are so "smart". We simply use the word to refer to devices, which connect to the internet or use voice recognition. The future will focus on making technology learn from our actions (much like some Nest thermostats, which adjust the hometemperature as they become accustomed to your preferences).

Home security in the new decade will make use of AI by processing camera footage, analysing and detecting irregular activity in real time, and alerting the system operators in the same moment so the crime can be prevented, rather than investigated.

3. Smart doorbells

Home security or simple convenience - the smart doorbell allows the owner to see who's at their door, without having to go near it. The devices also give access to an app, which allows the homeowner to monitor their home's entrance even if they're away. The owner can even open the door through the app when they're away from home, andspeak to the person who rang the bell through the attached speakers. Greater control, or greater risk - you decide.

4. Smart doorlocks

Combine your smart doorbell with a smart doorlock, and you'll be able to open your door remotely, by simply using an app. Other advantages of smart doorlocks include the ability to open the door when the owner is approaching home, which can be especially useful for disabled people. However, as the technology is still developing notall installers are comfortabe with installing smart locks, and not all doors are compatible with them, do make sure to do your research.

5. Smart alarms

Get an instant notification every time someone enters a room or opens a window - sounds like the future, right? You can wire your smart alarm to the mains, and include an additional 24hr battery back up, or you can simply invest in a battery operated one, if you don't want to go through the hassle (an expense) of connecting youralarm system to the mains.

We're certain smart home security will develop at an increasing rate in the new decade, however as the technology improves, it's still worth to mention there are imperfections. In the case of smart locks, if a bypass or a hack is discovered for this particular type of lock, every property having one will be vulnerable. Keyless cars are already being targeted with devices, which pick up the signal from key fobs.

Before investing in security technology, make sure to do extensive research and hire a proven professional to ensure you're compromising your safety and possessions.


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