Simple ways you can help to save our planet

Help save our planet by adopting simple lifestyle changes in your water and electricity consumption, as well as everyday life.

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The topic of climate change and global warming has been widely discussed in the recent years, and is becoming more and more pressing as time passes.

This year the world was captivated by the schoolgirl Greta Thunberg who was raising awareness of climate issues at the Swedish parliament. While not all of us have the chance to be spokespeople for their community, there are some little individual changes we can make, to ensure our planet is a little happier.

While we're not saying that adopting such small changes in your personal lifestyle will have an enormous impact, it will still be a step in the right direction. A step we should all think of taking.

Here is what you can do to help save our planet and reduce your environmental impact.

Get on the bike.

Many of us loved flying on the bike as kids, but it seems like once we grew up and had to commute to work, bike riding was left behind. But if you could just leave your car at home for two days a week, you could help save our planet by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 1,590 pounds (721 kilograms) per year. It can also be your personal workout, so you don't need to hit the gym after work. Also try to think about combining your errands, and doing everything important, such as post-office runs, grocery shopping and hair salon in one day. It will save you time as well!

Reuse and Recycle.

The three"R's"of change. Cut down what you throw away, donate to charity shops, use the correct recycling bin. It doesn't take much, you could make someone else happy and will help in the quest of saving the planet. Being a hoarder is definitely not in right now.

Working in an office? Do like Rightio - encourage online communication, and avoid printing on paper unless absolutely necessary. Attach a note to your emails to remind others as well.

Buy meaningful gifts.

Perhaps buying a vase or a painting for a wedding is practical and easy way to get that present off your shoulders and proceed with your daily life. But non-material presents such as subscriptions, cleaning services or a repair plan might be a lot more useful for a young family, or even someone living alone. Imagine not having to spend money for repairs for a whole year, because your friend thought about it in advance. Sounds good? Check our Care Club plans.

Be careful with chemicals.

If you've used hard chemicals, oils and paints, don't discard of them in the drain. They can harm the soil and waterways, and you should only dispose of them by taking them to the correct facilities. And while we're on the drains topic, make sure to not dispose of oils and grease down the drain as well. Once the water has cooled down, they harden up and can stick to pipes and form blockages known as"fatbergs". A"Monster Fatberg"was famously found in London sewage system.

Use energy saving light bulbs.

Yes, we know the fluorescent light they produce can be annoying, but if you don't want to compromise at home at least use them in the basement or garage. Replacing regular light bulbs with energy efficient ones can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and your electricity bill. Double win!

Plant a tree.

As simple as that. It only takes an afternoon, and it will be a special memory for you, knowing that this tree will provide food and oxygen to the world.

Get used to water conservation.

Simply, if you don't use as much water, the less wastewater will end up in the ocean. Pay attention to your water consumption as well: turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth and fix a toilet leak as soon as possible. Rightio's plumbers can be there next day to sort out the problem.

Use a clothesline.

It's cheaper than running the dryer, and your clothes will smell so much better!

Even if your little daily actions can't make a visible and measurable impact, combined with those of your friends, neighbours, fellow citizens and countries... we can start noticing a positive change.


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