How to dispose of your household appliances?

Upgrading an appliance? If you need to dispose of your old one, there are a few environmentally friendly, responsible ways to do it.

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Living sustainably, reusing and recycling are all hot topics in today's world. Yet there is still a lot of uncertainty when it comes to correctly disposing of bigger appliances such as furniture and appliances.

Regardless of whether the life of your appliances is slowly coming to an end, or you're just looking for a fashionable upgrade we have some useful advice on how to dispose of your appliances in an environmentally-friendly way.

First of all you'll need to make a decision: attempt to fix, dispose or donate.

If your appliance is not too old, or you're not looking for an upgrade, a fix could be possible.

Fixing an old appliance might not make it as good as new but it will extend its life until you've prepared the funds to replace it. If you need professional help, Rightio's engineers are here .

Recycle your appliance if it's definitely at the end of its life.

You can take your appliance to a local recycling centre, which is ideal for smaller electrical appliances. Each council provides recycling points, and you can check or your local one on the government recycling collections page .

Some councils also offer collection service for bigger items, including electrical appliances and furniture. You can find out if your area has this service covered on the government large waste items collection page.

Provided that council collection of bigger items is not an option, you can hire a waste removal company but keep in mind this doesn't come too cheap.

Finally, if you're on the lookout for new appliance to replace your old one, you might want to check on retailers who offer a collection service. Normally they'll offer a one-for-one collection, which means they'll only take the same type of appliance you've bought.

Donate your appliance, if you're simply upgrading.

If the sole reason for wanting to get rid of an appliance is the fact you've found a newer, better one, you don't need to throw it away. Ask amongst your friends and family, as someone might be looking for cheaper or free alternatives. You can also list your item on websites such as Freecycle or Gumtree, or donate to a charity shop.

What do you do with your old appliances? Do you throw them away, or try to donate to friends?


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