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Five practical Christmas gifts for the most special people in your life.

Practical Christmas gifts don't have to be boring or impresonal. Check out our five brilliant ideas for Chtistmas gifts that really make a difference.

There's nothing like receiving personal, thoughtful Christmas gifts from your favourite people - it really makes your bells jingle. And while practical Christmas gifts might not be welcomed in our early years, the more we grow up, the more we appreciate presents, which can be used longer than the two weeks following Christmas.

Of course, practical Christmas gifts don't have to be boring. They can be beneficial for the whole household, or tailored to one person's specific needs - what's best is they'll keep you in the good books for the next year (and maybe, even longer).

We've selected the five best practical Christmas gifts for the special people in your life:

1. For the movie-addict

We all know one person who has watched every movie in existence but has somehow missed on important stuff like Orange is the new Black, Breaking Bad or Peaky Blinders. A Netflix subscription can be an ideal gift, or if they have it already, an Amazon Fire Stick is a good option as well.

2. For the Bookworm

If your special person loves nothing more than tucking in with a cosy blanket and a big book, then we might just have the perfect gift idea for you. Every bookstore chain sells gift cards, but if you happen to live near a little local one, or you know of one your friend always wanted to visit why not try and research options for a giftcard? Guaranteed they'll always cherish that special book they got from an authentic "little bookshop on the corner".

3. For the music lover

If the important person in your life has a longish commute, or maybe loves cooking or walking in the park, you can help them fill the silence with their favourite music. It can be as simple as an iTunes giftcard, or a Spotify subscription for the next few months, or if you really want to make it personal, why not give them a memory stick with a playlist of songs you chose especially for them.

4. For the house

Sometimes a bigger gift is appropriate, especially if that one special person just moved in their first house, or is busy with family and work life. In the list of practical Christmas gifts you can't get more useful than that: a Care Club home maintenance plan to ensure the house is protected for the whole year with no extra costs added.

5. For the food-lover

Finally, we all know the one who'd eat Rachel's Thanksgiving Trifle, or pretty much everything you put in front of them. For the food enthusiast in your life, we recommend a meal kit subscription like Hello Fresh to stimulate their imagination and taste buds.

What are the best practical Christmas gifts you've ever received? Share with us in the comments.


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