How to Prepare Your Home for the Autumn in 5 Easy Steps

Prepare your home for the Autumn and Winter with Rightio's easy, 5-step guide to essential home maintenance tasks.

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5 Home Maintenance Tips for the Autumn

While many enjoy the cosier activities associated with this time of year, the cold that autumn invites can be a disastrous time for your home.

Pre-empting the effects of the cooler climate, it's wise to prepare your home.

Clean the Gutters and Drains

a hand removing leaves and debris from a gutter

Naturally, removing the build-up of debris from your gutters and drains is essential during autumn. Unfortunately, it is possible that leaves or other objects have created a severe blockage in your pipes that cannot be easily resolved without professional assistance. As drainage experts, Rightio's trained operatives can effectively assist you with these issues.

Service your Boiler

a male engineer fixing the pipes attached to the boiler

While temperatures have already begun to drop, having a boiler service in anticipation of the even colder weather is wise.

Identifying any potential issues ahead of the worse climate, will ensure you prevent any problems further down the line. With a minimum of five years' experience, our accredited engineers are available to service your boiler and provide you with peace of mind for the winter ahead. Though it is possible that damage has already occurred, our team of engineers can provide assistance should you require boiler repair services.

Check for Property Damage

a crack in a brick wall

Naturally, structural damage to your property can cause several issues. Checking your exterior walls for cracks and holes will lessen the chances of rainwater seeping into your home. If you do discover gaps, purchase gap filler as soon as possible. Significant gaps may cause draught, only leading to increased energy bills due to the escaping heat - the last problem you need in a cost of living crisis. If these gaps are beyond the aid of filler, consult a professional.

Additionally, ensuring there is no mould growth will save your property from further long-term rot damage. Keep a healthy gap between furniture and other items that lie against external walls, to allow a flow of air, discouraging mould.

Test Your Thermostat and Smart meter

a smart metre

Ahead of a bitter winter, checking that your thermostat and/or smart meter is working correctly is essential. Ensuring that your thermostat is running smoothly, will guarantee your home is kept warm when it matters most. Remembering to reduce the temperature overnight will help you to keep those costs down. Likewise, checking that your smart meter is working properly and displaying the correct estimate of your energy bill, may prevent any charge errors, saving you money. If you do detect a problem, our heating engineers are available to help.

Test Your Alarms

man reaching up and touching the smoke alarm

Your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms should be regularly checked. These devices are often battery-powered and it is advisable to assess their functionality at this time. If you're in need of a new alarm, our Rightio electricians can professionally install or repair these for you.

For any home maintenance needs, Rightio offers expertise across heating, plumbing, drainage, locks and electrical issues. For additional details on our products and quality services, view the Rightio home page.


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