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Emergency Home Cover. Do you really need it and why?

Emergency home cover can be used in cases such as blocked drains, burst pipes and boiler breakdowns to avoid unnecessary stress and expensive charges.

An emergency home cover provides help when a breakdown can have an immediate effect on your health and safety. When an incident occurs at home you want it sorted right there, right now, and that's what your cover guarantees.

When you sign up for an emergency home cover you'll be given a phone number you can ring, and an engineer will be on their way shortly.

Emergency home cover might be provided on top of your home insurance but don't assume it is part of it. Only 19% of home contents insurance and 25% of buildings insurance policies include home emergency cover as standard, according to

So what exactly is covered by emergency home cover?

  • Blocked toilets, sinks and baths.
  • Loss of electrical power and electrical breakdowns.
  • Boiler and central heating system breakdowns.

Helpful tips on buying an emergency home cover:

  1. Don't assume your home insurance provider has the best prices on the market when it comes to emergency cover. Shop around, you're free to do so.
  2. Keep in mind that some emergency home covers will have a limited number of call-outs included, or might raise your price in the second year, based on your breakdown history. When you're looking for the perfect cover make sure you have unlimited call-outs throughout the year.
  3. When taking on a home emergency cover it's also a good idea to check that all the repairs subject to a quality of workmanship guarantee.
  4. You'll also need to maintain your property, and make sure it's kept in good condition, or your claim might not be approved after all.
  5. Before you take the big decision, and dedicate to an emergency home cover check your home insurance to ensure some parts of the cover aren't included already.

Of course, when looking for an emergency home cover, price is one of the main considerations, if not the decision-making factor. The general rule of thumb, however is that you pay more, if you want more coverage.

A home emergency cover is perfect for busy professionals, young families, the elderly and general anyone who wouldn't be comfortable to cover a one-off large bill, if an accident happens.

However, what you need to keep in mind, even emergency home maintenance policies are not all-inclusive.

Exclusions might include:

  • The replacement of dripping an leaking taps (as this is no emergency).
  • External water pipes, which are not part of your property.
  • Boilers over certain age, or ones that have sustained damages beyond economical repair.
  • Claims, which are a result of the lack of care for the property or are just the expected wear and tear.

Home emergencies such as blocked drains, burst pipes and boiler breakdowns can be expensive to repair, and cause unnecessary stress. An emergency home maintenance cover gives you the peace of mind that a qualified professional can be just a phone call away. Now that you know what you'll be looking for why not take a look at our Care Club plans?


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