What does your Electrician do, exactly?

Being an Electrician is a highly demanding yet extremely rewarding job, which requires various skills. Learn what an Electrician does in our blog.

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When you turn on the TV, refridgerator, laptop, washing machine they all start working because of electricity. But when something breaks down, it might as well just be by magic, as few of us can do more than replace a lightbulb.

The reality is, even if you do have some knowledge of electricity, it's still advisory to get a professional Electrician. Meddling with electrical circuits without being qualified can be life-threatening.

Being an electrician is often regarded as an easy way out of higher education, but this perception couldn't be more wrong. Electricians have to train hard for years, and their knowledge is extremely specific, and risky, if not applied appropriately.

Here is what an Electrician does:

Today's Electricians can work on a variety of projects, both household and industrial. They install the wiring and maintain the equipment throughout its life. In industrial settting Electricians might also we responsible for the inspection and maintenance of power tools. An Electrician's day-to-day tasks can include:

  • Installing, maintaining, modifying and repairing electrical systems and electrical equipment.
  • Remaining compliant with Electrical regulations.
  • Connecting and testing computer systems (cables and jacks)
  • Reading blueprints, diagrams and manufacturers manuals
  • Inspect and test electrical systems' components.

Electricians tend to focus on either construction or maintenance, although they do need to have knowledge in both. An Electrician specialising in construction will primarily install systems into new buildings, while a maintenance specialist fixes and upgrade existing ones.

Arguably it is more challenging to specialise in maintenance, as this job will often require working without manuals, replacing components and working on tight deadlines.

The Electrician job is extremely demanding, as it requires a lot of manual labour, kneeling or standing up, and working out of hours. Electricians normally work as freelancers and are employed as subcontractors by different companies. Working as a freelancer naturally requires additional skills in marketing and promotion, customer service and administration work.

When it comes to money, a newly-qualified electrician can ear up to £20k per year but this figure quickly raises to £40k, after just a few years of practice.

If you really want to be heading in the right direction, then fields such as renewable energy and green technologies are likely to bring highest salaries to the Electricians who can maintain the new systems.


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