The best boiler for a small flat or house

The best boiler for a small flat or house will make your property more energy-efficient, and reduce your energy bills significantly.

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Finding the best boiler for a small flat or house is extremely important. The ideal model will be able to reduce your bills, keep you warm with a minimal effort, and be almost invisible in the household.

Pick a model that's too powerful, and you'll soon notice it affecting your bills, and disrupting your lifestyle.

Introducing the combi.

If you want to find the best boiler for a small flat, you will most probably be looking at combi boilers. There is a reason combination boilers are the most popular type of boiler in the UK - they can be small, compact and in the same time power both your heating and hot water.

Another thing that makes a combi the best boiler for a small flat is its capability to deliver hot water in an instant, save space and are reasonably cheap to install, as there is less pipework to install.

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Is a combi boiler always the right choice for you?

But before you invest in a combi you will need to ensure your home or flat are suitable for it. If you do not have gas supply, then you'll need an electric solution, such as an electric storage heater. Don't forget to check your water pressure as well - combi boilers get their water supply from the mains, which means the pressure will need to be high

enough to move the water around the house.

What are the immediate benefits of finding the best boiler for your small flat or house?

1. You'll end up saving money.

There's a good chance your old boiler was quite inefficient, and you can lower your gas bill with up to 20-30%, from just switching to an energy efficient boiler.

2. You'll save space.

Old boilers used to take up so much space. A shiny new combi will free up some much-needed space in a small property, and it's more aesthetically pleasing as well.

3. Investment in the future.

A new boiler will come with a warranty for at least 5-7 years, and as long as you service it regularly, the warranty will be active. You're also likely to save money on future repairs, and last-minute breakdowns.

4. It's safer.

With a new combi boiler, fitted according to the latest industry standards, the chances of a life-threatening gas leak are minimal. Combine it with a carbon monoxide alarm, and relax in the comfort of your home.

So what are the best combi boilers for a small household, according to our Rightio experts:

Worcester Bosch - Greenstar 30Si Compact ERP Gas Combi Boiler

This boiler is ideal for a small to medium-sized property due to its compact size, as it's the smallest combi to ever been produced by Worcester Bosch. It is so small, it ccan be installed in most kitchen cuboards, making it fully invisible. And of course it's ErP compliant, A-rated efficiency and has a built in LCD display

Ideal - Ideal Logic+ Combi

Outstanding quality and excellent boiler, made in the UK? You need ideal. The compact cupboard fit is not the only good thing about it - it received a Queen's Award in 2013 and a Quiet Mark Award - perfect for a small household, where every little noise is easily transferred around the rooms.

Glow Worm Ultimate 30C

One of the most-affordable, quality solutions on the market. And the name is not a lie - you'll get a hot water output of 30.6kw and a heating output of 30kw (with many higher end brands this will be lower).

Need a new boiler quote? Call our friendly quotes team on 0800 068 7245 or click here for a quick and free online quote, and a free on-site boiler survey- so you're sure you're getting the best boiler for your house.


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