What is the Eco-Mode setting on your boiler and why does it matter?

Eco mode setting on your boiler helps you save money, uses less energy than comfort setting and benefits the environment.

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Go green for 2019 is the lifestyle movement we all want to follow in the New Year. This includes thinking about sustainability, switching to energy-efficient appliances and reducing our water usage.

In the quest of reducing environmental impact, many modern boilers now come with an "Eco Mode" setting. But if you just moved into a new flat or upgraded your appliance, the "Eco Mode" function can be equal to a brain-busting math problem. And of course you won't have the manual handy, because who ever saves these useful guides full of information?

What is Eco-Mode for boilers? Does it save money really? Is it truly better for the environment? Don't worry, we have answers to all these questions, so you can choose the best option for your household.

What is Eco-Mode?

The Eco-Mode means that your pre-heating function will be off. Simple as that.

In a regular, or comfort mode, the pre-heat function will be on and hot water will be ready to come out of the tap on demand.

In Eco-Mode the water is not pre-heated. Don't despair, this doesn't mean it will take hours. In fact, the water will only start heating when a tap is opened, but it should not take more than 10-12 seconds for hot water to start coming out.

Is it going to help me save money on my bills?

These 10-12 seconds of running water, before it warms up will certainly make many people question the financial benefits of Eco-Mode.

Eco-Mode uses less energy than a standard "comfort" setting. Therefore it's cheaper to run your boiler in the Eco-Mode. Perhaps you won't save enough for a house, but every penny counts!

You slightly-increased water usage is also unlikely to outweigh the savings you're making on energy. The quantity you'll be wasting is minimal.

Does it really benefit the environment?

Did you know that a gas-fired combi boiler is responsible for up to two-thirds of your household's carbon emissions? Switching to a condensing A-rated combi boiler is a sure to earn you many green points.

While Eco-Mode might not reduce your bills significantly, it will help you save energy and be more sustainable in your consumption. And it only takes one switch of a button.

To ensure your boiler is up to the latest 2018 standards, check if it's ERP rating is 92% or higher ("A" rated). If it isn't, then it might just be time for an upgrade.

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