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5 ways to keep busy at home during the Coronavirus lockdown

Find out five ways to keep busy at home during the Coronavirus lockdown. Stay active and reinvent your living space during COVID-19.

The Coronavirus pandemic and the following lockdown have meant many of the plans for Spring break, Easter and the upcoming Bank Holidays have been disrupted for the foreseeable future. But doesn't mean you can't have fun and keep busy at home during the Coronavirus lockdown.

From spring cleaning, to garden improvements, there are home improvement activities you can work on, while staying at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Spring clean the house

Why not use the extra time to really, properly deep clean the house. And yes, we are talking about washing the curtains, steaming the carpets and polishing the door knobs. It's a good way to keep the house safe and clean, and to see it sparkling like never before.

Prepare the garden for the spring/summer

Spring is the ideal to get your garden going in the new year. Mow the lawns, plant new plants, and if you're feeling experimental why not order a wildflower seed kit, which will help the bees and get some real buzz in your garden? Or plant some veggies to harvest in the autumn. Whichever you choose to do, make sure you have a garden tap installed, so you don't have to walk in the house with your dirty garden shoes, when you need to water your plants.

Book your boiler service

While social-distancing is to be observed, keep in mind that your boiler will still need to be serviced during the year in order to keep your warranty valid. Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, summer bookings for gas engineers are expected to be extremely popular and prices will probably rise accordingly. Instead, you can book your boiler service now, and your engineer, which is classed as a key worker, will be able to conduct the service in a safe manner for you and your family. Alternatively, why not act ahead of the crowd, and pre-book your slot for the summer?

Clean your gutters

We have been lucky with some warm spring sun but don't get too optimistic - the rainy weather is sure to be back. While you're spending the lockdown at home, why not use the time to keep busy and spring-clean your gutters, and remove all the debris and gunk they've collected in the meantime?

Redecorate the rooms

If you've been working from home, or spending a lot of time baking in the kitchen you must have noted down a few improvements your house could benefit from. Maybe a new chair or desk for your home office, or a new dining table to use as a co-working space for the whole family? Many furniture shops are just clearing their autumn/winter collections so make sure to browse around and use the extra time at home to transform your living space.

If you need an engineer, locksmith or an electrician to help with your home improvements or emergency breakdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic, don't hesitate to get in touch with Rightio.


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