Easy Kitchen Upgrades You Can Do Before the Summer

Stay productive and unleash their creativity during the Coronavirus lockdown with Rightio's easy kitchen upgrades you can do in time for summer.

Woman on Floor Unpacking Paint

With more time to spend at home this spring, many people have embraced DIY improvements and household upgrades as a way to stay productive and unleash their creativity during the Coronavirus lockdown. And while the government certainly doesn't recommend engaging tradesmen over cosmetic interior upgrades, if you have the time, budget and some basic skills, you can freshen up the kitchen in time for the summer.

And it won't even cost you that much.

1. Change the dining table

A new dining table can really make a difference to the room. Bonus points - it can be used as a home office working space, creative workshops for the kids and, of course, big family dinners (now that everyone is at home).

2. Paint the cupboards

You don't have to spend thousands on a new kitchen to give it a fresh, bright look, perfect for the summer. Just order some pots of paint for delivery, and everyone can help to refresh the cupboards on the weekend.

3. Change the cupboard and door handles

An easy kitchen upgrade to do, this will take you no longer than 2 hours, and all you need is your new handles and a set of screwdrivers. Remove and replace, and instantly transform your kitchen.

4. Don't forget your boiler

While it might not be in the kitchen strictly, if you are making kitchen upgrade plans, don't forget about your boiler as well. Book your boiler service in advance for the summer, and ensure your boiler remains healthy during the warm season.

5. Change the taps

Add a distinctive character to your kitchen and avoid germs by adding a copper tap to your kitchen sink. Copper naturally kills bacteria in a few hours, and it will also give your kitchen sink a sophisticated rustic feel.

For any emergency help, such as burst pipes, blockages and boiler malfunctions, get in touch with Rightio, and an engineer will be on its way.


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