The Rightio Tale of A Contact Centre Christmas

We ensure our team members don't get their tinsel in a tangle during the Christmas period, with our annual Rightio Christmas Raffle!

Zeeshan Hussain with Xbox One S at Christmas Raffle

Christmas comes but once a year and when it does the Rightio Contact Centre gets snowed under with work. To ensure our team members don't get their tinsel in a tangle during the Christmas period, we've set up an annual tradition of giving everyone the chance to win some festive goodies!

The Christmas Raffle Incentive is open to everyone in the Rightio Contact Centre. Acquisitions, Logistics, Customer Service/QA, Quotes, Recruitment and Care Club are all in the mix, as long as they meet certain targets.

Each team has their own set of achievements, which qualify them for the raffle. These could be anything related to their specific job - number of call's answered per hour or how many new engineers were recruited. To make things even more interesting, certain targets can win you two or more raffle tickets.

The Christmas raffle encompasses all levels of skill and competency and drives increased results within each function. The prize incentive motivates the staff, which as a result improves the customers' journey. Last but definitely not least, it adds fun and motivation to the Contact Centre.

The prize draw starts a week before Christmas, with more and more gifts earned every day.

The first winner was Zeeshan Hussain, who is part of our Customer Acquisitions team, and won an Amazon Echo Dotsmart speaker. At first, he wasn't too sure what he'd do with the unexpected prize. But being the exemplary colleague that he is, he quickly decided: "I'll probably set my alarm with it. Then play some Bollywood music."

Our Customer Service agent Sufiyaan Jahangirhad a different kind of luck. He won a FCUK Fragrance and Body set. We thought he'd try to swap it with another winner, but we were pleasantly surprised when he decided to keep the prize. Although he'll gift the perfume as a Christmas present, Sufiyaan fully intends to use the body lotion. In fact, we can't wait because the office is going to smell amazing!

The bigXbox One Sprize went to Akeel Hussainin Customer Logistics. Rumour has it he already owns four PS4's, but judging from his expression the gift found its rightful owner. He's looking forward to playing Fortnite, day and night.

AniPhone Xwas also in the draw, and the winner, Recruitment agent Richard Smith, just couldn't believe his luck. Since Richard had the day off, he thought his colleagues were pranking him, when he received the happy phone call. He has been an Android user so far, but who can say no to an iPhone?

Other festive gifts included a Haribo tub, Matchmakers, a big pack of Malteasers, a Hot Water Bottle gift set for the freezing winter nights, Yankee Candles to bring comfort to any home, Amazon Kindle and even a pair of super-cosy Christmas socks. Santa's bag was bursting at the seams this year!

Christmas is the busiest time of the year for our Contact Centre, and work can often be overwhelming. At Rightio, we understand that our phone agents are key to the company's future success, and their happiness reflects on the business. While no gift can be big enough to represent the emotional gratitude, we still believe that our Christmas raffle managed to uplift the spirits and bring much-needed festive excitement.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone here at Rightio!


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