Making the World Better with a Sweater

We here at Rightio love getting behind a good cause, and this year for #ChristmasJumperDay we'll be donating all money collected to Save The Children

Rightio Staff Wearing Christmas Jumpers Pulling Silly Faces

It's mid-December already and this can only mean three things: there are about 10 full working days left until Christmas! You're half-way through your advent calendar and it's time for the one day of the year when it's absolutely fine to turn up at the office, looking fabulously festive or just plain ridiculous.

Christmas Jumper day has finally arrived here at Rightio, and this year the whole office has embraced it and we'll be donating £2 each to Save the Children UK. With more than 160 people working across two floors, imagine the difference we could make.

£2 will pay for antibiotics for five children suffering from pneumonia, one of the biggest killers of children. £100 would stock a school library in Rwanda with 75 brilliant books. £200 would pay for a child to attend primary school in Uganda for a whole year!

At Rightio we always try to be the best we can be and making a difference for even one child in this world means we have succeeded in our mission. To ensure everyone is in good health and can donate risk-free, we introduced a few elf and safety rules in the office:

  1. Spread positivity, but don't spread your Christmas jumper antlers. No one wants to a slap in the face.
  2. Your carrot nose/reindeer antler or other 3D jumper adornment should not be longer than your personal space zone. Any breach into your colleague's comfort zone will be punished by taking away all of your mince pies.
  3. If you wrapped yourself in tinsel, Christmas lights, or paper, make sure your arms and ears are free. If you can't answer the phone, we'll make sure you go on Santa's naughty list!
  4. Pick your slogan wisely. No-one likes liars on Christmas - if you can't live up to your Christmas jumper promise, you can't be trusted.
  5. Always take your tinsel off before using the shredder. Or wrap it around your head, like the true angel you are.
  6. And our most important rule - make sure to raise money and have fun.

Make sure to check our Facebook and Twitter pages for some Christmas Jumper inspiration.


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