Are Your Heating Bills Going up Because of These 6 Common Myths?

It’s February and running between work, the car and home has become a national sport. No one wants to stay out in the cold a second more than necessary.

Once you reach home, the thermostat is cranked up to maximum, curtains are frantically closed and you wish you could hide yourself in this comfortable cave of warmth forever. Combine this with a Care Club home maintenance plan and you’ll never have to worry about winter emergencies again.

But then spring comes, and the dreaded heating bill arrives. What could you have done better?

Following these common myths could be the reason for unnecessary increased bills in the winter:

Myth 1: Turn the heating up, when it’s cold.

It will not make your house heat up faster, it’ll just heat it up to a higher temperature, that might even make you uncomfortably hot. Then you’re likely to try and air out the room, get cold again and the circle just repeats.


Myth 2: Leave the heating on low through the entire day.

While leaving the heating on is useful to prevent frozen pipes, you’re still advised to only have it up to 14-15°C when not at home. You don’t want the heat to circulate around with no one using it.


Myth 3: Use electric heaters to heat one room

Electricity is up to 3 times more expensive than natural gas. Running the electric heater even for just one room will be a lot more expensive than just using your central heating when needed.


Myth 4: Painting your radiators black will help

The answer to this has been subject to dispute. Black is certainly a more efficient colour at absorbing and then giving off heat, however the paint itself can act as an insulator. This means less heat will be transferred to the room. We think that the best advice is to leave your radiators in the condition you received them, and make sure to bleed them when needed


Myth 5: Keep your water heater on all day

A properly insulated water heater takes about half an hour to heat up the water, and will keep it warm for at least half a day. Don’t waste money on heating water you won’t use; just turn it on as soon as you get home. You can use the half hour to catch up on housework or just sit and relax for a bit.


Myth 6: The ceiling fan is only useful in the summer

If you have a ceiling fan learn how to utilize it. As heat rises, it goes up to the ceiling. A working fan can help bring it back down.


Winter is normally the least-favoured season, because of increasing bills and constantly having to worry about heating and the consequences of dropping temperatures.

At Rightio we want to make sure that your home is protected from the cold at all times. That’s why we set up our Care Club plans, with the thought of you in mind- with no excess, unlimited call-outs and all labour and parts included, you’ll never have to worry about winter emergencies again. Read more about our Care Club plans here.