Why Are My Electricity Bills Rising in the Summer?

There is certain dread we have all experienced when the electricity bill comes through. Especially after the winter season, it is almost inevitable – the total has almost always increased. But the bigger surprise is when you receive your spring/summer electricity bill, and the price is still unexpectedly high – what could have happened.

In fact, while electricity bills in the summer are generally lower, there is still room for unpleasant surprises, especially if you don’t pay attention to your daily habits and routines. 

5 Reasons Your Electricity Bills Are Rising in the Summer

1.Plugged Appliances

Forget to switch off your appliances such as computer chargers, consoles and TVs and they will be consuming electricity throughout the day. This will undoubtedly affect your bill, and if this isn’t enough – plugged appliances also produce heat, which is less then ideal in the summer.

2. Not Using Your Appliances to their Full Capacity

It’s inevitable that we use the washing machine a lot more in the summer. And as it uses a lot of electricity every time you run a cycle, it’s advisable to try and fill it up as much as possible before you turn it on. If you want to wash your favourite summer dress, don’t just waste a cycle on it, but try to make the most of it and freshen up your curtains, duvet or even some of your winter clothes. 

3. Malfunctioning and Old Appliances

An old dishwasher, refrigerator or washing machine can end up using more electricity than when you first brought it due to its parts being worn out. If you suspect your appliance might need a repair, get in touch with a plumber or electrician. Prevention is the best cure, and replacing a part is cheaper than replacing a whole appliance.

4. Insufficient Insulation

A house with insufficient insulation is losing you money both in the winter and in the summer. In the winter your home will fail to retain the heat, and in the summer, it will fail to retain the cooling breeze from your fan or air con. If possible, use the summer to replace the windows and insulate the attic and basement.

5. Using the Tumble Dryer

If you are a big family and don’t have much space, then having a tumble dryer can be a life saver. However, in the summer, when the temperatures are higher and the breeze is milder and refreshing, consider air drying your laundry for a fresher scent and much lower bills. 

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