The City With the Most Eco Friendly Homes

It should come as no surprise that property energy ratings across British homes are being heavily scrutinised – ‘sustainability’ and ‘emissions’ are two words that are never far from conversation within the wider media in the UK.

The government has committed to a net zero emissions target domestically and signed into a number of global warming prevention acts on a worldwide scale. Whether they are going to successfully meet these ambitious goals remains to be seen; however, they are certainly introducing measures at a rate that suggests their intent.

Two areas that have been placed under the microscope of emissions targets are those of housing and communities, and energy. That got us thinking – where in the UK (excluding Scotland) lays claim to the most energy-efficient set of homes – and where is best equipped for the planned sustainable future?

In order to find out, we analysed 4,200 different addresses across the country in a bid to find out where has the largest number of energy-efficient homes based on government data.

Yorkshire natives will be pleased to know that England’s third smallest town, Ripon, ranks as the most energy efficient, closely followed by the Welsh city of St Asaph, and then Manchester in third – the largest city in the North-West is currently undertaking a scheme to transform Greater Manchester into a world-leading Green City Region.

At the bottom of the pile then, the city with the least environmentally friendly homes is Wolverhampton, with an overall ranking index of 41.3 – sitting one place below England’s most southerly city, Truro, and then Wales’ smallest city, St Davids.
If you’re looking to make your house slightly more eco-friendly, you may not need to look that far – if your boiler has been lacking on the side of efficiency, a simple boiler repair can really make the difference – by not only keeping you safe but reducing your environmental impact!

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