Noisy boiler? These are the most common reasons

Many of us forget that the boiler exists, or even that it is perhaps the hardest working appliance in the house, as long as heat and hot water are being produced on demand. This is until one day something goes wrong, and the boiler starts making strange, loud noises.

While it is not an immediate reason to panic, a noisy boiler should not be disregarded, as the initial problem might become more and more serious with time. But before you call an engineer, it is worth doing a quick investigation to check whether the sound might be coming from the radiators, or maybe the central heating pipe. If you’re sure the sound is coming from the boiler our guide will help you determine the reasons.

Different boiler noises and what they mean:

1. Kettling noises

By far the most common type of noise your boiler could start making. The clunking and banging noises can be caused from limescale build-up on the heat exchanger, which blocks the flow of water and causes it to boil, hence the noise. If your boiler is kittling you need to call an engineer immediately, as this can cause sufficient long-term damage.

2. Whistling noises

If your noisy boiler is making whistling sounds, this could be caused by kettling, or perhaps air is trapped in the system. This is a relatively simple repair, involving the release of the trapped air, though we do recommend it is performed by an engineer, as they will be able to identify the root causes of the problem.

3. Gurgling

This boiler noise can be cause by blockage or sediment at the bottom of the boiler. Other causes can include a frozen condensate pipe or air trapped in the system. While you can attempt and thaw a frozen condensate pipe, if it’s easily accessible, we would advise to call a qualified engineer, if it’s any of the other causes.

Research shows that 1 out of 10 boilers is unsafe but you should never try to repair your boiler on your own. To avoid long-term problems, and ensure your boiler gets a health check every year, find out more about our Care Plans this year.

engineer fixing noisy boiler
woman complaining from noisy boiler
engineer fixing noisy boiler