A New Look for the Rightio Vans!

Beep-beep! Our vans have had a makeover!

Rightio engineers are zipping around all day, every day – all over the nation – and this year we’ve decided to take the opportunity to upgrade our vans.

The new Renault TRAFIC vehicles don’t only look and feel the part, but they are also fully kitted out with all the latest tech, enabling safer and more organised travel. Sat-nav, dash cams and trackers as well as ample space and storage enables our expert engineers to get on with their days with ease and assist our customers from the best position possible.

The upgraded vans also feature newly designed wrapping! Still in our iconic teal (naturally),
the wrapping delivers a fresh, clean look paired with clear messaging and more information on how Rightio can help our valued customers. Our various professional accreditations are displayed prominently alongside all the trades we cover too, so customers can see they are in the best possible hands.

We’re sure the new vans are turning a few heads! Make sure to give our expert engineers a wave and a ‘thumbs up’ if you spot them out on the road!

Happy travels…

van in rightio car park
van in rightio car park