Lucky Number 13 – The Kenya Shoebox Appeal

Christmas is a time for celebrations, gifts and love. But around the globe, many people are less fortunate and do not have the chance to enjoy holidays or presents.

At Rightio we always encourage our colleagues to be empathetic, helpful and considerate of others. This year was no different- we wanted to make the world a bit happier and fill it with hope. We decided that we’ll bring a smile to a little kid’s face- give them a toy to play with, or a book to read.

We joined the Kenya Shoebox Appeal and collected 13 boxes filled to the brim with gifts. Dolls, books, sweets, trainers and crayons were only a small part of all the wonderful and much needed items overflowing from the boxes.

With Kenya’s 47.6 million population, more than 40% of which is 15 years old or younger every gift matters. This year, 13 more children will have a present to open on Christmas. 13 more children will jump and run around. 13 more children will believe in miracles again. And we are so proud to be the reason for all of this happiness.

A few days before Christmas we humbly ask you to join us in this cause- donate your Christmas Shoebox today and your heart will know immediately – you’ve brought a little more light into the world.

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box of school supplies
child with christmas present
box of school supplies