Low water pressure at your commercial building? Here are the potential causes.

Owning a business is not just about making money – it’s about responsibility, careful planning and tackling last minute surprises. If you run a commercial business, which services many people in the same time, such as a hotel, care home, big restaurant, gym or a school, you know that having a high quality, fully functioning water system, is crucial to its success, and the customer satisfaction.

More often than not the big buildings that house such businesses will present them with a common issue – low water pressure. The insufficient water pressure can negatively impact everyday activities such as showering, cooking and dishwashing, costing your business precious time and money.

As experts in commercial plumbing, we have prepared this helpful guide to assist your business in identifying the causes behind the low water pressure in your commercial building.

How to tackle low water pressure in commercial buildings?

  1. Malfunctioning or inefficient water pump 

Commercial water pumps, much like many other heating and plumbing elements, need to be checked and serviced regularly. To make sure your pump is functioning to its full capacity, it will need a professional check-up at least every five years. If your current pump is just not powerful enough, then installing a new one will be a cost-savvy solution to embrace.


  1. Water leak 

Broken or burst pipes are the main suspect when it comes to low water pressure. Of course, if the water can’t make it to the tap, the pressure won’t be efficient. To check if the drop in water pressure is caused by a leaking pipe, shut off the main supply, take a meter reading, then do a second meter reading again in an hour. If the check-up shows that more water has been used in the last hour, then you have a leak.  In this case you’ll need an expert commercial plumbing engineer to attend immediately.


  1. Water valves not shut properly 

Often the solution to a problem is more simple than expected. If your commercial building is suffering from low water pressure, make sure to check all water valves are fully open. Without your knowledge someone might have turned a water valve off and on again, forgetting to open it fully.


  1. Clogged pipes

Commercial buildings and their plumbing system are left on the mercy of multiple users every day, so it is no surprise that clogging is a common problem. Unfortunately, depending on the scale of the clogging, a professional plumber might be required to remedy the situation.


  1. Low municipal pressure 

Sometimes low water pressure in commercial buildings has nothing to do with the building, but rather with the location. Some areas will naturally have lower water pressure, and the issue can be solved with upgrading the building’s entire water supply system. This, however, is a large scale project, requiring sufficient planning in advance.

If your business is experiencing low water pressure, and you need professional, expert help from experienced plumbing engineers, Rightio is the right choice. With almost 10 years of domestic and commercial experience, we can take care of your business – while you do business.

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