elderly hands from resident in a care home in Manchester

Providing safe, comfortable bathing conditions for elderly residents of a care home

The Challenge

One of the many challenges that Care Homes face, arises with the provision of safe, clean water to residents.  One aspect that is often under-estimated is setting the water temperature at the correct level.  There is little room for error.  If the water is too cool, then you have the danger of Legionnaire’s Disease.  Too hot and the client can be scalded.  The Care Home needed a system that would consistently maintain the water temperature at a safe level.

The Solution

Rightio sourced and fitted Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMV’s).  These valves are fitted to every tap and they blend hot water with cold water to ensure safe, constant water temperatures (typically between 38 °C and 46 °C depending on outlet use) to showers, baths and water outlets, preventing scalding.

Fitting these valves is only half the job.  Without regular maintenance, they can mal-function, resulting in the risk of scalding, or the risk of Legionella bacterial growth.  With Rightio’s ongoing service provision, these valves undergo a comprehensive annual service and replacement if required.

Providing safe, comfortable bathing conditions for elderly residents

The Outcome

Rightio worked fast and efficiently to fit the TMV valves, ensuring that all residents have clean and safe water.  The Care Home company is delighted with our response and have retained us for further continuous maintenance work.