man cleaning for a facilities management company in Manchester

Using innovative technology to deliver a prompt, effective emergency repair service for a facilities management company.

The Challenge

Working with a FTSE250 Facilities Management (‘FM’) company, Rightio was engaged to provide repair and maintenance services for plumbing and drainage related emergency repairs. Rightio was requested to support multiple postcode areas across England and Scotland with a specific remit of .  ‘make-safe’ emergency repairs, resolving the emergency at minimal expense, but putting the customer back into the position they were prior to the emergency occurring.

The challenge of this type of work is that it is both cost-sensitive and time-sensitive. The FM provider also had specific requirements on job completion reporting which Rightio had to adhere to in order to meet the terms of the contract.

The Solution

Rightio established a team of contact centre agents, focused on meeting the fast response times required of this commercial contract, and developed robust processes for ensuring that the required job data was submitted to the customer on time and in the required format, using a dedicated portal.

Using innovative technology to deliver a prompt, effective emergency repair service.

The Outcome

By using the portal, Rightio were able to track each individual job, as well as to log photographic evidence prior to, during and at the conclusion of the job. This ensured that the customer had the required information to complete their claims management process, and ensured that Rightio met the terms of the contract.