5 thoughtful gifts, just in time for the Wedding Season

Once the temperatures start rising and the summer dresses are taken out of the storage boxes and put back into the wardrobe you know wedding season is on the way.

With it come all sorts of decisions that need to be made – what to wear, whether to travel or not, and most importantly – what to gift to the happy couple.

If you want to stand out from the crowd of crystal vases and photo frames you have to think not only original but practical as well. Choose a useful gift, which will provide actual everyday value, and you’re guaranteed to get an invitation to every dinner party after that.

Here are our five suggestions for practical and memorable gifts for a new family:

  1. Gift card

A simple gift, which can’t go wrong, especially if you don’t know the newlyweds too well. Just leave it to them to decide what is going to be most useful for their new life. It’s a good alternative if you’re not a fan of gifting money but it was the official request.

  1. Recreation Centre Membership

Weddings inevitably bring a lot of stress in the life of a couple. Give them the chance to relax, visit the pool or sauna, exercise after the honeymoon or get a massage together. A joint membership to the local Recreational Centre is a gift that will keep giving.

  1. Home Maintenance Plan

Well, we might be a bit biased here but after you’ve just spent thousands on a wedding, a simple boiler breakdown might just be too much to handle. Think ahead and gift peace of mind to the new family with a Care Club home maintenance plan. You can pay upfront or monthly, just make sure you’ve given the right address.

  1. The Family Cookbook

If you’re a close friend to the couple and know their families you can surprise them with a handmade present, which they’re sure to appreciate. Collect family recipes from both sides of the family, and maybe even add some recipes from their favourite restaurants. Don’t forget to leave a few empty pages too, so they can continue it together.

  1. The Indulgent Gift Basket

If the couple has a favourite local place now is the time to research whether they do gift baskets. Cheese, coffee, baked goods… the only rule is “the bigger the better”. Did you know that normally the bride and the groom are the people who eat least on a wedding? Your gift basket will certainly be appreciated next morning.

Whatever you decide to gift, remember it is not about the price, but that it’s gifted with love. Don’t forget to add a personal touch with a handwritten letter or card.

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wedding presents