Time to meet Steven Roskorla, our May Employee of the Month

We thought we would finally see the end of the rainy season in May but it wasn’t meant to be. With the cold still lingering on our doorsteps, demand remained high, which of course meant more work for everyone. Our Customer Services team wasn’t spared and worked extremely hard to answer all questions, queries and collect feedback.

And it seems the hard work finally paid off, as the Employee of the Month award has finally gone to them. The winner of the May Employee of the Month is no else but Steven Roskorla, our dedicated and hard-working Customer Services Team Leader.

Steven has worked for Rightio for the last 5 years, starting as a Sales Advisor, and slowly working his way up to Sales Team Leader, then moving to work in the Quality Assurance team, until he was given the opportunity to lead the Customer Services team.

Steven says he didn’t expect to win at all but of course, it felt really good. He also says he felt a little embarrassed as he doesn’t like being the centre of attention. In fact he was so engrossed in his work, he didn’t quite catch the announcement at first, but then heard his name and the clapping and figured out what had just happened.

Steven took upon the role of Customer Service Team Leader with the ambition to learn more about the different aspects of the business, and its processes and have the chance to influence the decision making. However, he does admit that sometimes he just misses Sales.

This is not to say he’d go back to it though. He enjoys the constant challenges that Customer Service brings, and the process of understanding the customer, being the bridge between them and the engineer, and eventually solving the complaint. He admits that every day brings surprises but it’s what makes work more interesting.

For Steven the responsibility of the employee of the month comes with being an encouraging and inspiring example for everyone. He hopes he’ll be around for the years to come, expanding the Quality Assurance and Customer Services teams, and helping to improve the processes in place.

As for the £50 prize he wishes he could share it with friends at the pub, but since that’s not an option, he’ll be investing in some new PS4 games.

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