IMPORTANT: Rightio remains fully operational and continues to support our customers by respecting all government guidelines to be a Covid-19 secure business. Our main priority is keeping our Customers and Engineers safe, we do this by adhering to social distancing, regular hand washing and wearing the relevant PPE where appropriate.

Engineer Coronavirus Policy


COVID -19 – Working Safe & being Safe in these challenging times

We wanted to outline some of the steps we believe should be taken at all times to ensure your safety as much as possible during the coming days and weeks. This is a very fluid situation and things are changing daily. These are unprecedented times of which we have never seen before. Everyone is affected and our lives will be disrupted in some way shape or form.

  • Be aware of the Symptoms of the virus so you know what to look out for.

This may seem simple but know what to look out for, the overriding symptoms of this virus are a persistent and consistent dry cough or a temperature. You may have both or one or the other.

  • If you think you have the symptoms

Go home and self-isolate immediately and anyone else in your household will need to self-isolate as well. Last week the government advise was to do this for 7 days if you were the individual displaying signs, 14 days if it was somebody else in your household who was displaying signs. There is confusion over whether this is now 14 days for everyone. We will update on this as guidance becomes clearer. Please Keep us informed of your situation and when you intend to return to work. Use the absence line on 0121 726 2629

  • Attending work

We don’t know what the coming days and weeks have install for us but currently as we provide a key service (as identified by the government) and particularly for the old we continue to operate as near normal service as possible until things may change. The phones are ringing and work is being booked.

We have taken significant steps in the call centre to reduce the risk of transmission and spread of the virus and anyone displaying symptoms are sent home to self-isolate.

We ARE NOT accepting work from anybody who when asked at the booking stage declares they are either self-isolating because they were or are displaying signs of the virus or actually have the virus.

We are asking customers if they are isolating at booking stage to establish this. We are also asking the customer to observe the guidance on social distancing when you arrive.

We ARE accepting work from people who are self-isolating as a precaution only and are happy for us to enter their premises. These can be vulnerable people and they need our support.

  • PPE to ALWAYS have with you and use.

If you are an employed engineer, we have authorised the purchase of hand sanitizer / gloves & masks. If you are a Sub -Contractor you should carry these items on your van and with you at all times. Please have these items with you and be using them.

  • When working at a customer’s premises.

Ask the customer to observe the social distancing rules and remain 2 metres from each person in the property or ask the customer to go and be in another room while you carry out your work.

Wash your hands before you start work. Use a new set of gloves and carry out your work. Try as hard as possible not to touch your face in particular your mouth, eyes or nose.

Do not ask the client to sign your tablet. Take their name and enter it onto the tablet and write                                                                                   “No Signature Corvid-19”

Wash your hands again as you leave and continue to observe the social distancing rules until you are back in your vehicle. Dispose of your gloves safely and sanitize your hands again.

If you have to visit a petrol station or merchants, continue to observe the social distancing rules of remaining 2 meters apart from anyone else. Wear gloves when filling up. Most merchants have introduced their own set of rules around limiting customers on their premises.

Eat lunch / drink etc, in your own vehicle.

The evidence suggests this virus can live for many hours on surfaces, in particular smooth surfaces. It is impossible to wipe down all surfaces all of the time, the best advice is to wash your hands very frequently and properly following the government guidelines.

  • Always use automated systems wherever possible.

You MUST with immediate effect, use all automated systems that the business has at its disposal. Use EMS ALL of the time and if a sub-contractor, use Auto Allocate as we have limited staff in the office at present to be able to manually allocate work.

  • General thoughts & Comments

Try and be as safe as you can for you and our customers. Practice good hygiene measures by washing your hands constantly. Practice social distancing rules and keep 2 meters from everyone, wherever possible.

Make sure you have hand sanitizer, gloves and masks available at all times on your van and you are using them.

Make sure you have good levels of stock so that you can complete as many jobs as possible on the first visit and not get “pulled for parts”. Re-visiting sites is unnecessary, particularly at a times like this.

If you display any symptoms of the virus, you must go home and self- isolate immediately. Please keep us informed of how long you intend to be off and when you anticipate returning, using the absence number 0121 726 2629. Sub-Contractors should let us know if you are self-isolating as well please on this number.

If anyone in your household has symptoms of the virus, you must self – isolate following the guidance of the government.

If you are in the vulnerable category of people with underlying health issues, you should consider self-isolating for up to 3 months.

                Use automated systems wherever possible, auto allocation (if a sub-contractor) and EMS.

  • Finally

If you are fit and well and are following the guidance to work safely, I reach out to you to ask for your help to complete that one job a day more, or work that extra day at the weekend. We have to balance safety and the government guidance with the trading of the company. Rightio employs over 140 people and gives work to a further 200 sub-contractors. We have to continue completing jobs in order for us to stand a chance of getting through this and coming out the other end. Any extra or little added help is so important at the moment to ensure we are all here in 6 months’ time.

Thank you for all your hard work and efforts at this time, I appreciate it, please stay safe.

Regards, Mick Wood – Head of Network Delivery.                                                                    March 23, 2020