Jumping with Jumpers and sElFies for ELF day – a Rightio Christmas.

December’s rolled by faster than a snowball down a snow-covered hillside, and the Rightio office has been glistering with festive decorations. But it’s not really Christmas before the elves bring joy and presents from the North Pole, and the festive jumpers are out with all their hideous charm.

The elves came first, of course, as early as 6th December, and for a day you could see them answering the phones, helping with Rightio’s Christmas video, and organising timetables for the busiest of engineers. Of course, everyone was encouraged to express themsELVES, and bring out the cheeriest elf hidden within.

How we prepared:

 1. Elf Tunics

An elf tunic is comfortable, and is also a great outfit for both boys and girls. Combined with striped leggings, and a pointy hat, and we were ready to sing Christmas Carols by the tree.

2. Elf Mascot Costume

It might not be convenient to wear all day but it will sure keeps the owner warm and (everyone else) entertained. It’s the easiest way to really grab the attention.

3. An elf dress

Raising the bar a bit higher, some of us twirled around in their best elf dresses  – with a petticoat underneath for full retro looks.

4. Accessorise

Let’s admit it, not everyone can find the ELF within themsELVES. But an elf hat, shoe covers and some red and green striped tights were all one needed to channel the elf spirit.

5. And don’t forget the smile

Above all, the North Pole elves are known for their cheerful, positive and helpful attitude. We brought our biggest smiles, sang some songs and jumped around – it’s how the elves do it.

But it wasn’t all for sELFish reasons, all our Rightio elves donated to the Alzheimer’s Society, making sure thousands of people diagnosed with dementia can receive the support they need to live well.

Once the elves left, we all knew – Christmas was really here, which can only mean Christmas jumpers were out and about. After all, is there a bigger ice-breaker on a cold December morning than your colleague’s Nativi-tea Christmas jumper?

This year, the Christmas Jumper Day campaign is all about remaining sustainable, and everyone was encouraged to reuse, swap, and redecorate their old Christmas jumper. Luckily for us, we had a big Santa bag full of jumpers to swap around. Winner, winner… Christmas Dinner!

On the 13th December we wore our favourite jumpers from previous years, or the ones we swapped at work. Everyone donated as much as they could to help children build the best world ever, and receive the education and support they need.

Who says we have to wait till Christmas to give our presents?

Christmas jumper day
Christmas Jumper Day
Christmas Jumper Day