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Save someone's day, and be amazed by what it does for yours.

Our employees’ professionalism, dedication and ambition to deliver the very best customer service set Rightio apart as a business, and we believe in recognising and developing these qualities.

When you join Rightio as a directly employed engineer, you become part of highly experienced network of professionals who understand the importance of sharing best practice and expertise. We’re also committed to helping you develop your skillset; we regularly send our engineers on courses and skill development sessions, so you can rely on Rightio to help you further your professional capabilities.

If you’re joining the acquisitions and logistics teams, you’ll have the full support of our dedicated training manager, helping you gain all the skills and abilities you need to deliver on the promises we make to our customers. Furthermore, with year-on-year growth and record achievement, there are always new opportunities and development possibilities. If we’re going to become the UK’s number one maintenance provider, we’ll need a smart, ambitious and enthusiastic team to help us get there. If you’ve got that spark of drive and determination that we’re looking for, we hope you’ll share a bright, happy and rewarding future with us.

The following list is what we can teach you:

Communication skills

Initiation a conversation is truly an art form, and maintaining it requires skill, general knowledge, confidence and a bit of imagination. We can teach you how to start a conversation, how to ask open questions, and how to be an active participant.

Product and brand knowledge

To truly succeed in your chosen career you need to understand the field you’re working in, keep updated on the latest news, know you competitors, and understand your unique selling point. You’ll learn all of this about Rightio, and we will give you the foundation to acquire product knowledge quickly and efficiently in the future.


Taking responsibility always seems scary at first, especially when you’re in a new environment. We’ll show you how taking responsibility can truly set you apart from the crowd, help your colleagues and boost your mood and confidence.

Problem-solving skills

Being able to approach a situation with creativity and empathy is crucial when facing difficulties both at your personal and work life. Our Team Leaders and Managers will guide you through different scenarios, and show you the best ways to reach a satisfying resolution.


Closely tied to Responsibility, Decision-making is a vital skill to have in professional environment. Evaluating the pros and cons of a situation, critical judgement and forward-thinking are all skills we will encourage and grow in an individual.


Although we can’t “teach” you to be empathetic, we can show you the right approach towards different levels of stakeholders. We will focus on helping you recognise sensitive situations, and how to approach vulnerable customers.

When Adnan had his first interview with us, he realised that personality was even more important for this role than a employment heavy CV.

He’s since taken advantage of his team’s support, including the coaching and mentoring that have brought his skills to life - for today and tomorrow. Now Adnan is paying it forward with words of advice and tips for his team.

Adnan is a sales team leader.

After joining Rightio, Adnan had the confidence to learn something new every day. Thanks to his team’s help and extra training, he got to know the business inside out. Although Adnan is now a sales team leader, most of his role is dedicated to what he considers even more rewarding: customer experiences. “People call us at a time of need, so showing them a little compassion goes a long way. They’re so grateful - and that feels really good.”

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Leon is a logistics team leader.

Leon McCormack joined Rightio 4 years ago, starting as an Acquisitions agent. His energetic and open approach proved popular with the customers and team alike, and he was soon promoted to a Trainer position. Transferring his knowledge to everyone in Rightio was certainly rewarding, and Leon was enjoying this position until a bigger challenge came up.

With two team leaders on holiday, Leon was tasked with supervising the Acquisitions department for a fortnight. In the two weeks when Leon was a team leader, the bookings broke the company records, and more customers joined the Care Club family than ever before. It goes without saying that Leon was soon given the role of an Acquisitions Team Leader.

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Leon successfully led the Acquisitions team but his enthusiastic spirit and lively nature always needed a new, bigger challenge. This is why he took on the fast-paced role of a Logistics Team Leader, and he has been actively supporting the team ever since.

“Working at Logistics is like spinning plates. There are lots of different things going on at one time. It’s just really fast. And there is a lot of pressure and challenges. But when you do it right it can be rewarding as well.”

Customer Service
glassdoor stars

Current Employee:
I have been working at Rightio full-time for more than 5 years.

Good progression if you're willing to be hard-working, commited, and take on board feedback. Great atmosphere, all working towards the same goal, everyone gets along with each other regardless of where you work. Incentives are given to everyone who achieve targets - no one is left out. Managers listen, and are motivating. Get to vote for who we think deserves employee of the month. 40 hour contracts for full time staff - a lot of places do zero hours / part-time contracts so you have security of a set wage each month.

Acquisitions Agent
Great place to work
glassdoor stars

Current Employee:
I have been working at Rightio full-time for more than a year.

Just as in any business there are good and not so good characters. The management team have got rid of most if not all of the apples and this can often be seen by the bitter and twisted reviews by ex-employees. My advice to you my friends is just leave it, move on and get a life. For the majority of staff working here it's a great place to work, no day is the same and when you get it right for customers it makes everything worthwhile.

Acquisitions Agent
Very happy to work here
glassdoor stars

Current Employee:
I have been working at Rightio full-time for more than a year.

I'm quite new to Rightio but I can already tell it's a great place to work. It can be challenging, dealing with customer's problems, but it's a great feeling when we have solved a problem for the customer. I had training and everyone I've spoken to at the company from my colleagues to senior management, all are friendly and approachable.

Shifts can be changed at short notice sometimes, but not usually